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Where do preferential policies stand now?

Apr 30, 2014 by George Leef |

"It is no longer the case that Jim Crow–advantaged whites are being displaced by just-liberated African-Americans. Indeed, it is more and more the case that preferences are used to give an advantage to Latinos over Asian Americans."

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The Highs and Lows of 2013: NAS Picks Higher Ed’s Top Ten Stories

Dec 24, 2013 by Peter Wood |

NAS recaps the top ten higher education stories from 2013. 

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Measuring Core Requirements

Oct 23, 2013 by Ashley Thorne |

The more expensive a college is, the less likely it is to have a strong core curriculum, finds the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA). 

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Diversity Uber Alles!

Oct 15, 2013 by George Leef |

Ignoring the Supreme Court's statements in Fisher v. Texas, the Departments of Education and Justice have told college officials that racial preferences are still permissible.

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On the Fisher Non-Decision

Jun 25, 2013 by George Leef |

George Leef on what's next for the Fisher case.

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Why “Comprehensive” History is Controversial

Mar 19, 2013 by Ashley Thorne |

Two new bills that would require general education requirements for U.S. history to be met by courses providing "a comprehensive survey" are seen as a threat by proponents of Mexican American studies.

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Response to Professor Neuberger on Recasting History

Jan 18, 2013 by Peter Wood |

NAS president Peter Wood responds to a mischaracterization of NAS's report on U.S. history courses at the University of Texas and Texas A&M University.

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Don’t Know Much About History: Colleges Teach History with Politics Left Out

Jan 18, 2013 by Jonathan Bean |

Jonathan Bean responds to NAS's recent report on Two Texas Universities' U.S. History Courses. He's not optimistic about history education.

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Recasting History: Are Race, Class, and Gender Dominating American History?

Jan 10, 2013 Ashley Thorne, Peter Wood, Richard W. Fonte |

A report on the teaching of U.S. history to undergraduates, focused on the University of Texas and Texas A&M University.

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Colleges Twist U.S. History

Jan 10, 2013 |

PRESS RELEASE: NAS and its Texas affiliate release a report finding that U.S. history courses at American colleges and universities downplay the nation’s economic, military, and political history and dramatically overemphasize… Continue Reading | 1 Comment >

Jennifer Gratz Reflects on the Battle Over Racial Preferences

Oct 17, 2012 by George Leef |

The successful plaintiff in the case against the University of Michigan's undergraduate racial preferences writes about the recently argued Fisher case before the Supreme Court.

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Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Fisher v. Texas

Oct 10, 2012 by Ashley Thorne |

As the Supreme Court hears the arguments for and against racial preferences in higher education admissions, NAS gives a roundup of our coverage of the Fisher v. Texas case so far.

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The Regnerus Affair at UT Austin

Jul 24, 2012 by Peter Wood |

A scholar whose research identified disadvantages for children of same-sex marriage faces opposition by those who dislike his findings.

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The Texas Model of Higher Education Reform

Jul 10, 2012 by Thomas K. Lindsay |

Texas is trying some innovative ideas for higher education, setting a good example for the rest of the country.

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Education Is Not a Discipline

Jun 15, 2012 by Bill Roden |

Bill Roden observes that training in education is about method, not substance, and doesn't fit with other academic disciplines.

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