The National Association of Scholars gratefully welcomes contributions. We are a non-profit organization and gifts we receive are tax-deductible. Gifts and bequests to NAS support our research projects and our efforts to foster intellectual freedom and academic excellence in American higher education.

Supporting NAS

What do you value about NAS? Is it that for over 25 years NAS has fought against political correctness and for academic freedom? Is it NAS’s critique—long before most other groups—of the ill effects of racial preferences, multiculturalism, runaway enrollments, and the dilution of standards? Or is it NAS’s more recent success in highlighting the disconnect between an academy that disdains Western Civilization and the larger society that increasingly questions the value of higher education?

Support can come from making a tax-deductible gift or from planning a legacy. Please read more about these options below, or click "Donate to NAS" below to make a gift to NAS right now. We thank you for your support.



Ways to Give

How Your Gifts Helps

Sophia Stewart, a retired university professor, has been a member of NAS since 1987 and has long admired NAS’s defense of academic freedom. In 2009, she decided to increase her support for NAS by making an $8,000 gift over four years. Because NAS is a public charity, Sophia receives a full tax deduction for her gift, saving her roughly $500 each year. That means that her $8,000 gift costs her only $6,000, or $1,500 each year. In turn, the $2,000 she gives annually to NAS supports the equivalent of four op-ed pieces, the price of a new computer, or one-half the salary of a summer intern.

Sophia’s example shows how quickly gifts can add up. NAS can receive immediate gifts of cash and pledges, like Sophia, that are spread over several years. NAS can also receive gifts of appreciated securities, such as stocks or bonds. In such cases, the tax benefit for the donor can be even greater. For example, if Sophia made her gift with stock worth $8,000, but for which she had paid only $2,000, she would be able to deduct the entire $8,000, still saving about $2,000 in taxes. But if she had kept that stock and sold it for herself, then she would have to pay at least $1,600 capital gains tax on the $6,000 gain, leaving her with only $6,400 in cash. Such gifts offer the most benefit for donors while also allowing you to support the programs at NAS that you value.


Planning a Gift to NAS

Sometimes present needs or future commitments mean that you may not want to make a gift to NAS right now. But you can plan gifts that will support NAS and its programs well into the future, while also giving yourself or your children significant tax benefits.

There are several ways to plan a gift to NAS: a bequest, a gift of retirement plan assets, a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust, a charitable lead trust, or a gift through a donor-advised fund or private foundation. Read more about each of  these options below, or please click here to make a gift to NAS right now. We also invite you to call us at 917-551-6770 to discuss your planned giving options.


Leaving a Bequest to NAS

A bequest is the simplest way to support NAS after your life. A bequest involves designating a gift to NAS in your will or revocable trust. Bequests can take the form of cash, real estate, artwork, stocks and bonds, or retirement assets. Giving through a bequest allows you to change your mind at any time, and a bequest to NAS gives your estate a charitable tax deduction. Please call us at 917-551-6770 to discuss making a bequest to NAS.

Leaving NAS Your Retirement Assets

For many people, a retirement plan consists of their major assets outside their home. Because retirement plans are meant to support you during your retirement, they can be taxed quite heavily upon your death, leaving very little for your children or grandchildren. Bequeathing your retirement assets to NAS may be the most tax-efficient gift you can make. Please call us at 917-551-6770 to discuss naming NAS as the recipient of your carefully saved retirement assets.

Establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity with NAS

In a charitable gift annuity (CGA), you transfer property to NAS in return for a stream of annual payments that lasts for your life or the life of you and a spouse. The annuity may begin immediately or be deferred for a certain number of years. The value of your transfer above and beyond the present value of the annuity you will receive is your gift to NAS. The advantages of a CGA are that it is simple to set up, it gives you an immediate tax deduction for the charitable portion of the transaction, and it provides a stream of income that often receives favorable tax treatment. Please call us at 917-551-6770 to discuss establishing a charitable gift annuity with NAS.

Support NAS with a Charitable Remainder Trust

Most often, a donor sets up a charitable remainder trust (CRT) with property that has increased in value (e.g., a stock portfolio with a large embedded gain). The CRT promises to pay you, the donor, a certain amount each year (such as 6% of its value), usually for your life. After your death, whatever is left in the CRT (the “remainder”) goes to a charitable beneficiary, such as NAS. Besides giving you a fairly predictable stream of income and giving NAS the prospect of a future gift, a CRT allows you to diversify out of a highly-appreciated asset while shielding most of the gains. Please call us at 917-551-6770 to discuss setting up a charitable remainder trust to benefit you and NAS.

Supporting NAS with a Charitable Lead Trust

A charitable lead trust (CLT) works in some ways the opposite of a charitable remainder trust. A donor funds a CLT with property that will likely increase in value in the future (e.g., business interests or commercial property). In turn, the CLT promises to pay a charity, such as NAS, a certain amount each year for a term of years (e.g., 5% for 15 years). Whatever is left in the CLT at the end of this term goes to beneficiaries that you, the donor, designate, such as your children or grandchildren. Because of the payments that the CLT makes to NAS along the way, the eventual transfer to your children or grandchildren takes place at little or no tax cost. And, at the same time, you get to benefit NAS and support its programs. Please call us at 917-551-6770 if you think supporting NAS with a charitable lead trust makes sense for you and your family.

Supporting NAS with Your Donor-Advised Fund or Private Foundation

Private Foundations have long been a means used by families with significant wealth to support charity as a family. More recently, commercial and charitable donor-advised funds have allowed families with much less wealth to gain tax benefits even greater than those offered by private foundations while retaining significant control over their choices of gifts and their ability to give as a family. If you give through a private foundation or donor-advised fund, or are thinking of establishing one, please call us at 917-551-6770 to talk about these how strategies might benefit you and your family while also supporting the organizations you value.