We encourage anyone who agrees with our principles to join NAS. It’s a great way to take a stand in defending the true purposes of higher education and to unite with thousands of like-minded others. Membership is annual, ongoing, or lifetime and includes a subscription to our journal Academic Questions.

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NAS membership is open to all. This is a change as of October 2009. Before that NAS restricted membership to academics. We now encourage anyone who agrees with the principles we espouse to join.

We do, however, continue to distinguish between academic and public members, and a large majority of our members are current and former faculty members. We have also made a special outreach to graduate and undergraduate students, teachers, college administrators, and independent scholars. Membership is renewable annually and includes a one-year subscription to Academic Questions.

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[1] Three-quarters of the seats on the NAS board of directors are reserved for election by academic members. The occupants of the other seats are elected by the entirety of the membership, including public members. The reserved board seats are filled by academic members. The non-reserved seats may be filled by academic or public members.
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