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Bartleby Goes to College

Mar 07, 2014 by Ashley Thorne, Marilee Turscak |

Le Moyne College chose a story by Melville as its freshman reading assignment, citing NAS on the merits of choosing classic literature. 

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Caught with Gay Books: South Carolina Punishes Colleges for Freshman Reading Choices

Mar 06, 2014 by Ashley Thorne |

South Carolina cuts funding from college common reading programs that assign gay-themed books.

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An Appeal to NAS

Feb 27, 2014 by Donald Lazere |

Dr. Donald Lazere offers an appeal to NAS.

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Celebrating 2013 in Education

Jan 02, 2014 by Peter Wood |

In another top 10 list, Peter Wood remembers people who did something original, creative, noteworthy, or surprising in 2013.

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Test Your Knowledge: Gloom and Cheer

Dec 09, 2013 by Peter Wood |

'Tis the season to be jolly, not gloomy.

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Test Your Knowledge: Hobgoblins and Consistency

Nov 22, 2013 by Peter Wood |

As we enter the last month of the semester, it's almost time for final exams. Here's a literature one for you, written by NAS president Peter Wood.

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Education by Metaphor

Sep 19, 2013 by Tessa Carter |

Professor Robert Frost on poetry and education.

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Beach Books Roundup

Sep 18, 2013 by Tessa Carter |

Join the conversation around NAS's August report Beach Books 2012-2013.

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AQ Editor Felicia Sanzari Chernesky Publishes Children’s Book

Sep 05, 2013 by Ashley Thorne |

Felicia Sanzari Chernesky has published Pick a Circle, Gather Squares: A Fall Harvest of Shapes.

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The Reader’s Progress

Aug 30, 2013 by Ashley Thorne |

It's never too early to introduce students to classic reads.

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HuffPost Live Discussion on Recent Books vs. Classics

Aug 30, 2013 by NAS |

Ashley Thorne appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss the broader consequences of college common reading consisting almost entirely of recent books.

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Readers Weigh In on Teaching the Classics

Aug 27, 2013 by NAS |

Readers respond to Ashley Thorne's analysis of common reading at American colleges and universities.

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Why Are American Universities Shying Away from the Classics?

Aug 26, 2013 by Ashley Thorne |

U.S. colleges increasingly view anything published before 1990 as 'inaccessible' for students. So much for timeless themes.

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Not So Immortal: The Compromised Life of Common Reading Programs

Aug 20, 2013 by Peter Wood |

Peter Wood on what common reading assignments say about the intellectual life of colleges.

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“Common Readings” at Colleges Uncommonly Political, Scholars Find

Aug 19, 2013 NAS |

PRESS RELEASE: The National Association of Scholars (NAS) has released Beach Books 2012-2013, its third annual study of common reading programs at American colleges and universities.

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