‘Dignity,’ Another Legal Trojan Horse

May 06, 2015 by Peter Wood |

People are putting words in the mouth of the Constitution.

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Civic Education Deficiencies Weaken Social Fabric

Jul 24, 2013 by Glenn Ricketts |

Christina Hoff Sommers places the immigration debate in the context of a national dearth of civic knowledge.

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Ask a Scholar – U.S. v. Cruikshank

Mar 28, 2013 by Robert Heidt |

Did a Reconstruction-era Supreme Court decision restrict legal remedies for African Americans?

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Ask a Scholar: Why Gridlock?

Mar 21, 2013 by Glenn Ricketts |

Is gridlock in our poitical system accidental or innate?

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Don’t Know Much About History: Colleges Teach History with Politics Left Out

Jan 18, 2013 by Jonathan Bean |

Jonathan Bean responds to NAS's recent report on Two Texas Universities' U.S. History Courses. He's not optimistic about history education.

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Reactions to Court Decision Overturning Michigan Affirmative Action Ban

Nov 19, 2012 by NAS |

Scholars offer preliminary thoughts on the Sixth Circuit Appeals Court ruling overturning a voter approved ban on affirmative action policies.

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Democratic Engagement and Governance: Part I

Nov 15, 2012 by William H. Young |

William Young compares traditional republican governmental principles with the current democratic engagement initiatives promoted on college campuses.

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What Will the Court Do About Affirmative Action?

Feb 28, 2012 by Glenn Ricketts |

John Rosenberg dissects the "diversity' policies at the University of Texas now under scrutiny by the SCOTUS.

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Originalism in the Classroom

Jun 10, 2011 by David F. Forte |

David F. Forte provides a detailed legal history of originalism and investigates whether, and to what extent, originalism is a part of law school teaching on the Constitution. This article appears in the summer 2011 issue of Academic… Continue Reading | Leave a Comment >

Understanding the Constitution - No Comment

Jun 02, 2011 by Glenn Ricketts |

A college student's view of how to improve public understanding of the Electoral College

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Video: Christopher Long on The Future of “Educating for Liberty”

Jun 01, 2011 by |

Chris Long tells about ISI's mission to reach today's college students.

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The Growth of Originalism

May 25, 2011 by Robert H. Bork |

This introduction by Robert H. Bork to Constitutional originalism appeared in the summer 2011 "Hard Cases: America's Law Schools" issue of Academic Questions (vol. 24, no. 2).

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New Excellent Programs: Tocqueville Program and Center for Statesmanship

Aug 24, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

Check out our list of excellent programs as we add new ones at Indiana and Richmond.

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Tea Parties and Political Parties: Some Questions

Aug 09, 2010 by Christina Jeffrey |

Christina Jeffrey argues that neither of the main political parties foster the serious study of the Constitution and the American Founding, and that the “Tea Party” movement offers a constructive alternative.

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Domestic Faction in a Republic, Part II

Jun 24, 2010 by George Seaver |

Renaissance and Enlightenment authors, as well as the U.S. founding fathers, saw the need to control factions in order to preserve the life of the republic.

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