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Happy Earth Day

Apr 22, 2014 by Rachelle DeJong |

How many institutions of higher education are celebrating Earth Day?

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DeJong in Commentary Mag on Campus Sustainability Nudging

Apr 15, 2014 by NAS |

NAS research associate Rachelle DeJong has published an article in Commentary Magazine on the behavioral modification inherent in the campus sustainability movement. 

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Top Five Environmental Themes in Darren Aronofsky’s Noah

Apr 07, 2014 by Rachelle DeJong |

The recent movie reimagines Noah as a prophet of environmental sustainability. 

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Ecologism: The Campus Cult of Victimhood

Mar 13, 2014 by Stanley Kurtz |

Stanley Kurtz examines how privileged students use the "global warming apocalypse," radical environmentalism, and victimhood to cash in on academia's upside-down market in prestige.

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Divestment’s Gettysburg?

Mar 11, 2014 by Rachelle DeJong |

The divestment movement suffers a devastating defeat at Hamilton College.

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The New School’s New Wail: A Visit to Campus Sustainability Day

Oct 24, 2013 by Peter Wood |

At a sustainability festival at The New School, students complacently accepted pseudo-scientific claims and the nationwide campaign to divest holdings from oil companies. 

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Barry Commoner, Connected

Nov 07, 2012 by Peter Wood |

Peter Wood reflects on the career of a Founding Father of the sustainability movement.

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Encyclopedia of Sustainability, 6th Edition

Oct 05, 2012 by Ashley Thorne |

A 6th edition of the NAS 'sustainapedia' of the key names, terms, books, colleges, and organizations in the campus sustainability movement.

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Green Acres

Aug 07, 2012 by Peter Wood |

Colleges and universities tend to spend lavishly on diversity and sustainability initiatives, but is this really the best use of their (and taxpayers') money?

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Take Back Sustainability

Jul 18, 2012 by Antonio R. Chaves |

Sustainability is too important for us to let it be undermined by politics and polarization, writes Antonio Chaves, who teaches environmental science.

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Ruminations at the end of the semester

May 04, 2012 by Daniel Asia |

I have recently returned from a trip abroad.  In receiving my peanuts, pretzels and drink during the flight, I also received two napkins.

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Rick Santorum Is Right

Mar 07, 2012 by Peter Wood |

Peter Wood reviews the presidential hopeful Rick Santorum’s controversial remarks about higher education.

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The Reverse Metamorphosis of Sustainability: Nature

Jun 22, 2011 by William H. Young |

In the second of four articles on the goals of the sustainability movement, William Young examines its impulse to return to a pre-rational, mystical experience of Nature.

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Earth Day Thoughts on Campus Sustainability

Apr 21, 2011 by Ashley Thorne |

Cross posted from Phi Beta Cons

The National Association of Scholars has issued an official statement critiquing the campus “sustainability” movement and suggesting paths to improvement.

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Video: Terry Anderson on Sustainability and Free Market Environmentalism

Apr 18, 2011 by |

A professor emeritus of economics makes a case for markets as the true path to future generations' prosperity.

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