Freedom of Speech

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Brandeis Ought to Be Ashamed

Apr 14, 2014 by George Leef |

In its failure to engage a pluralism of views, Brandeis has reinforced a bad trend in American education.

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Stanford’s Safe Space

Mar 25, 2014 by Joshua Bridges |

Free speech clashes with the safe space movement at Stanford University. 

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Brown University’s Complicity in the Disruption of Ray Kelly’s Speech

Mar 11, 2014 by Joshua Bridges |

As it begins the second phase of its investigation into the incident and prepares to make rulings, Brown has a chance to change the way college officials handle disorderly protesters.

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Boxed In: The Destructive Evolution of Campus Free Speech Zones

Feb 19, 2014 by Joshua Bridges |

Many college campuses have implemented "free speech zones," but these zones do anything but protect free speech.

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Permission to Speak: College Presidents, the Israeli Boycott, and Climate Change

Jan 22, 2014 by Rachelle DeJong |

Examples of the ASA and ACUPCC show that college presidents, in addressing controversies, are at times compelled to reiterate politically correct views on issues such as the Israeli boycott and climate change.

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A College President Defends Free Speech

Oct 30, 2013 by Peter Wood |

Amherst College president Biddy Martin turned down a request to dissociate the College from the writings of campus speaker Hadley Arkes. 

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Kudos: Amherst President Defends Free Speech

Oct 08, 2013 by Glenn Ricketts |

Amherst College president Carolyn Martin stands tall in defense of free expression.

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Can Civility and Academic Freedom Coexist?

Sep 25, 2013 by Ashley Thorne |

Civility calls for restraint, and academic freedom, apparently, for lack of restraint. Colleges and universities strive for academic freedom and civil discourse; can they have both at the same time?

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Sexuality and Freedom of Speech: Criticism of OCR Continues

Jun 17, 2013 by Glenn Ricketts |

OCR continues to get its lumps from all quarters.

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FIRE President Details Chilling New Federal Campus Speech Codes

May 17, 2013 by Glenn Ricketts |

Greg Lukianoff describes the numbing censorship imposed by the new federal guidelines.

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FIRE Press Release Scores Federal Speech Code Standards

May 10, 2013 by Glenn Ricketts |

The Department of Justice embraces OCR's censorious harassment code.

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Let’s Talk About Free Speech on Campus

Apr 25, 2013 by Glenn Ricketts |

FIRE's Greg Lukianoff and Bob Shibley urge us to defend freedom of speech on college campuses, where it' s very much endangered.

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Colleges Squelching Free Speech and Thought

Mar 11, 2013 by George Leef |

Thanks to unconstitutional university speech codes, students are losing their intellectual edge.

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Greg Lukianoff’s Terrific New Book

Oct 24, 2012 by George Leef |

George Leef reviews Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate.

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Gay Marriage and the Long Arm of Academic “Tolerance”

Oct 11, 2012 by Glenn Ricketts |

"Tolerance" follows you everywhere, even to church.

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