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Government Power Versus Freedom of Private Colleges

Apr 25, 2012 by George Leef |

Should student religious groups have to take all comers?

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Student Reporters Survey College Social Scene, Campus Issues

Apr 13, 2012 by Glenn Ricketts |

Undergraduate press writers provide copy on local trends, issues, and controversies.

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Should Mandatory “Civic Engagement” Be Part of the College Mission?

Jun 17, 2011 by George Leef |

In today's Pope Center piece, Tulane University sociology professor Carl Bankston argues that colleges should not mandate "civic engagement" of their students. Doing so is inconsistent with a liberal education and it tends… Continue Reading | Leave a Comment >

Video: Ben Novak on the Impotency of Student Government

May 16, 2011 by |

How university student governments went from taking responsibility for and pride in the "spirit of the university" to an attitude of entitlement and parasitism.

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Wesleyan’s Affirmative Action Reaction

Nov 17, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

Faculty and students at Wesleyan University lashed out in anger against a campus group for its demonstration on the injustice of racial preferences.

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My Thoughts on CLS v. Martinez

Apr 30, 2010 by George Leef |

Should campus groups be able to limit membership only to those who share a set of beliefs? Put it that way and the matter seems pretty innocuous. Ah, but if you state that in a pejorative way -- should they be allowed to discriminate… Continue Reading | Leave a Comment >

Student Blogs: Speaking Truth to Pooh-bahs

Nov 10, 2009 by Jonathan Bean |

In a previous post, I noted how military bloggers are writing the "first pages of history." Likewise, student bloggers are offering a place to speak out against the abuses on their campuses: from official racial segregation (in… Continue Reading | Leave a Comment >

Student Gov Officers Appointed by Race at UMass

Sep 25, 2009 by Ashley Thorne |

Alana Goodman, a student at the University of Massachusetts, has published an excellent article, "Institutionalized Racism in Student Government," in the Collegian, the schoool's student newspaper. Here's an excerpt:

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Errant Liberty

May 26, 2009 by Peter Wood |

Why Liberty University was unwise to de-recognize its Young Democrats Association.

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Three Cheers for the Dons: Part 3

May 08, 2009 by Tom Wood |

What happens when student affairs functions far oufund the university's core academic operations, teaching and research?

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Facebook and the Future of the University

Sep 30, 2008 by Tom Wood |

Will social networking sites like Facebook remove the extracurricular responsibility of the university?

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The Extracurricular Sector of the University: Unappreciated and Soon To Be Unneeded

Sep 23, 2008 by Tom Wood |

With the rise of online education, will student affairs and residence life programs become obsolete?

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About Face in Amherst

Sep 23, 2008 by Peter Wood |

Here's what really happenned when U Mass tried to cover its tracks after getting caught offering students academic credit for volunteering in the Obama campaign.

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Is College Driving Students to Drink?

Sep 11, 2008 by Tom Wood |

Why is binge drinking such a problem on college campuses? What factors lead certain students to consume more than others?

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Pullups: Outgrowing the dorm diapers and doing the real world workout

Jul 28, 2008 by Peter Wood |

If students need a grown-up university, why are colleges feeding them baby food?

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