Value of College Degree

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Wharton School Professor’s Book Supports Case that College Has Been Oversold

Jul 01, 2015 by George Leef |

In his new book, Peter Cappelli argues that college is not always a good investment.

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The Value of College Degrees Is No More Settled than Is Global Warming

Feb 25, 2015 by George Leef |

George Leef writes for the John William Pope Center on why recent job data does not prove that higher education is a "good investment."

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Welcome to My World

Nov 26, 2014 by Jason Fertig |

Jason Fertig writes on his first three months in the position of Faculty Senate Chair, where he has straddled the awkward fence between administration and faculty. 

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Peter Wood on Bias in American Universities

Oct 09, 2014 by Peter Wood |

The College Fix posted an article, drawing heavily on an interview with Peter Wood.

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Assigning Blame for the Degradation of Higher Ed

Aug 08, 2014 by George Leef |

Establishment voices blame critics and innovators for the degradation of higher ed.

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How America’s Colleges Compare Internationally

Jul 03, 2014 by Ashley Thorne |

Americans tend to see U.S. colleges and universities through rose-colored glasses while bemoaning the state of our schools. Kevin Carey writes that higher education isn't doing any better than elementary - and may even be worse.

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Are young Americans who don’t go to college “penalizing” themselves?

Apr 21, 2014 by George Leef |

College degrees aren't becoming more valuable, but their glut is confining those who don't have them to a shrinking, low-pay sector of the labor market.

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Educators vs. Employers

Feb 26, 2014 by Marilee Turscak |

A new Gallup survey shows a wide gap between the perspectives of business leaders and higher-education leaders on how prepared today's college graduates are for the work force.

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Celebrating 2013 in Education

Jan 02, 2014 by Peter Wood |

In another top 10 list, Peter Wood remembers people who did something original, creative, noteworthy, or surprising in 2013.

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One New College That’s Praiseworthy

Dec 27, 2013 by George Leef |

UMR is a no-nonsense institution where the students want to learn and the professors want to teach them.

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Michelle Obama: “Get Thee to College”

Dec 03, 2013 by Peter Wood |

In a striking policy shift, First Lady Michelle Obama is now pushing for more college graduates in the U.S. Peter Wood explains why this idea is misconceived.

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The College Board’s Irresponsible Cheerleading

Nov 26, 2013 by George Leef |

The new "Education Pays" report inflates the benefits of going to college, even as the college bubble begins to collapse. 

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Desperate Attempt at Keeping the College Bubble Inflated

Nov 20, 2013 by George Leef |

George Leef argues that the messages in the College Board's 2013 report "College Pays" don't fit well with the evidence that large numbers of students are rethinking the value of a college degree.

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Restoring a More Productive College Curriculum

Nov 01, 2013 by Chuck Stetson |

Chuck Stetson outlines a plan for preparing college students for success in work and in life.

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Our two bubbles: housing and college

Oct 23, 2013 by George Leef |

George Leef writes that the housing bubble and the college bubble both stemmed from an entitlement mentality fueled by government programs.

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