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Video: Combatting Cancel Culture

Listen to our special webinar discussion of alternative views on controversial topics in anthropology, archaeology, and Native American studies.

South Dakota’s Education of Our Children: Stand up and Speak out

South Dakota's new proposed standard for social studies offers students substantial lessons about living a good life and about what it means to be an American.

Model Laws, Monthly Meetings, and Social Studies Reform

The Civics Alliance is moving full speed ahead with its nationwide campaign for social studies standards reform. Now is the perfect time to get involved!

Open Letter Urging Kentucky to Further Revise Its Social Studies Standards

A group of Kentucky citizens has sent an open letter to the Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Education stating their support of the recommendations in the NAS/Civics Alliance lette......

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Professorship Application Rewards Hostility to ‘Western Scientific Ways of Knowing’

If you are hostile to “western scientific ways of knowing,” such as objectivity and the scientific method, that will help you get a job in the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Department at the Univer......

In Memoriam, Lester G. Telser

An alumnus remembers a university professor and how he demonstrated the promise of higher education. With so many problems plaguing higher education, I thought it would be healthy to recognize one ex......


Outsourced to Qatar

This case study reveals how Qatar uses partnerships with American universities to advance its own interests and values. In partnering with Qatar, American universities have invested substantial t......

The Anatomy of a Diversity Equity and Inclusion Takeover

This study of the University of Tennessee’s Diversity Action Plans finds that they further entrench the dominance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, espousing an ideology that makes narro......

Shifting Sands: Report II

Shifting Sands: Flimsy Food Findings examines how irreproducible science affects select areas of government policy and regulation governed by different federal agencies. This second report focuse......

Educating for Citizenship: The Texas Case Study

This case study examines how Texas universities train students for citizenship and teach American history, government, and civics. 


September 27, 2022

Remember Los Alamos

Our refusal to protect our own national security secrets has made us the butt of the Los Alamos Club’s joke—and the theft of research on nuclear weaponry really isn’t......

September 20, 2022

Equal Protection for Me But Not for Thee

Thanks to the bold actions of NAS affiliate head Richard Lowery, the system of hiring discrimination that undergirds American higher education may be on the verge of collapse....

September 13, 2022

Beauty over Brutalism

If we want citizens to understand that our nation is worth preserving, we should ensure that our civic architecture stands the test of time....


Unjustly Enriched Colleges, Unjustly Impoverished Americans

The Biden administration's student debt forgiveness plan signals to schools that their obscene tuition hikes can continue with impunity.

Biden Student Loan Proposal Ignores the Root Problems of the Debt Crisis

Instead of addressing the root problems of the student debt crisis, the Biden administration continues to add fuel to the fire.

Press Releases

Press Release: Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Take Over the University of Tennessee, Report Finds

A new report examines the implementation of the Diversity Action Plans at the University of Tennessee. The report finds that the plans further entrench the dominance of diversity, equit......

Press Release: New Report Finds Irreproducible Science is Affecting FDA Regulations

The National Association of Scholars has released a new report examining the consequences of irreproducible science on government policy and regulation.


Event: Will Machines Rule the World?

Join the National Association of Scholars on Tuesday, October 4, for a fascinating conversation about the future of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Event: Combatting Cancel Culture

Join the National Association of Scholars on September 30 for a special discussion of alternative views on controversial topics in anthropology, archaeology, and Native American studies.