The Stone My Grandson Gave Me

Paul Mariani

The Stone My Grandson Gave Me

Bright yellow, like his hair, and shadowed, the one side

flat so it could rest here on my desk, a simple fragment

of something bigger, something it seems now heaven-sent,

waiting for us on the sidewalk, where his blue eyes spied

it as we strolled together down the town’s one wide

maple-lined street toward the old brick church, where he meant

to race down the length of the muddy grass embankment,

then charge up the neo-Georgian porticos and hide.

Jacob’s angel, I thought to myself, being of that mind

that can glimpse—like you and you—the wondrous world around.

For you, he shouted, running up ahead. Call it—what?—a kind

of currency? Or—better, maybe—something the very ground

had yielded up this day, anno domini, which the kid had signed:

a thing turned diamond after all these years, as it waited to be found.

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