Common Core’s Bluegrass Blues

Jun 01, 2016 |  David Randall

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Common Core’s Bluegrass Blues

Jun 01, 2016 | 

David Randall

The state of Kentucky was an early adopter of Common Core, and a just-published article details the consequences:

The federalizing of public education is failing all of America's children, but perhaps black children in particular.

Far from achieving its goal of leveling the playing field for the nation's K-12 students and making them "college and career-ready," Common Core, five years after its adoption, has put children of color in the state of Kentucky (and likely in many other states as well) even further behind.

The proponents of Common Core justified its adoption particularly on the grounds that it would close the racial divide in educational attainment; its failure to succeed even on its chosen ground is especially telling.

The bad news for Kentucky is that early adoption of Common Core turned out to be a mistake; the good news is that they are well-placed to be an early abandoner of a failed boondoggle.

The entire article is informative and worth reading.

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