Curriculum Vitae: Episode #3

Nov 21, 2018 |  NAS

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Curriculum Vitae: Episode #3

Nov 21, 2018 | 


In this third episode of Curriculum Vitae, Peter W. Wood sits down with KC Johnson to unpack what happened to Title IX and what should be done to fix it. KC is a professor of history and Brooklyn College and an expert on Lyndon Johnson. KC is also one of the foremost experts on campus due process. In this episode, they discuss the new Title IX guidance, released Friday, and KC explains what can be done to shore up this new regulation. Peter and KC dive into the topic of accusation studies, including the damage done to the reputations of students and institutions when due process is bypassed.

Keith Whitaker

| November 23, 2018 - 1:17 PM

Thank you, Peter and KC, for this excellent resource for anyone trying to respond to the responses to the new Title IX guidance. As with a number of other controversies on campus, the debate about university investigation and adjudication of claims of sexual assault begs the question, is it just to run a significant risk of punishing the innocent in order to “redress past injustices”?

John Davis

| November 28, 2018 - 11:10 AM

I respect Mr. Johnson’s work on false accusations.

However, Mr. Johnson needs to update his knowledge of the status of sexual assault on college campuses.

He implies, for example that it is acceptable to believe that there are 2,000,000 women who are victims of sexual assault or rape on college campuses, and, 400,000 men.

If we examine credible studies, however, such as Dr. Lara Stemple’s study at UCLA, and Dr. Miriam S. Denov (formerly of McGil) we know with certainty that there are as many male victims of women who sexually assault men as the other way around.

Mr. Johnson also thinks there is no hard statistic on the actual rate of sexual assault on college campuses.  Mr. Johnson is mistaken.  The FBI keeps meticulous records on reported sexual assaults.  For example, in 2010, there were exactly 510 rapes reported to law enforcement on college campuses.  It is hardly an epidemic.

The narrative promoting rape hysteria claims that there are huge numbers of unreported sexual assaults.  We know that is not true.  That myth comes from advocacy propaganda generated by groups that want to circumvent due process (much like the KKK) in order to promote a sexually charged political agenda.

Bad sex is not “sexual assault.”  There is no doubt that much “bad sex” occurs on college campuses, but, that is not an excuse for rape hysteria, and, the current pogrom against men on college campuses.