Episode #27: Last Month, Today

May 09, 2019 |  Peter Wood

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Episode #27: Last Month, Today

May 09, 2019 | 

Peter Wood

Is the Higher Education Act going to include free speech protections? Why is the University of Tulsa eliminating its liberal arts programs? (And what other universities are doing the same?) Why does college cost so much? Would a new conservative university make political polarization worse?

I sit down with Rachelle Peterson, Glenn Ricketts, and David Randall from the NAS staff to discuss these questions and more—including policy proposals to hold colleges accountable, whether Stanford University values Western civilization, and whether Georgetown students should personally fund reparations for slavery.

I hope you enjoy our conversation. And if you spot a news story that you think deserves attention by NAS, send it to us at contact@nas.org.

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