Chance Layton Joins NAS Staff

Jan 22, 2018 |  Peter Wood

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Chance Layton Joins NAS Staff

Jan 22, 2018 | 

Peter Wood

I’m pleased to introduce Chance Layton, the newest staff member at the National Association of Scholars. Chance joined NAS as Membership Coordinator on January 16, 2018.

Chance is a recent graduate of The King’s College in New York City where he majored in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Previously, Chance worked in an internship as Communications Assistant at NAS from October 2015 to May 2017, and we consider ourselves lucky that he chose to return to NAS after graduation.

Chance will be responsible for communication with current NAS members as well as recruiting new members. He will also assist with office management and the NAS website, and will work with our graphic design and printing partners on our joint projects. With Chance on board, we will be able to deepen our support for our members and increase our membership to include more likeminded allies in our efforts to defend academic freedom.   

Here is what Chance had to say about starting at NAS:

Colleges are bastions of illiberalism. Reasoned debate, rigorous academic standards, and the search for truth made universities into institutions that explored, expanding the sciences, and prepared young pupils for flourishing lives. These universal principles that once sustained the university are eroding under foot, destroying the foundations of free thought and inquiry, and threatening a retreat of liberalism. NAS stands to re-stabilize the foundation of American higher education by upholding the standards of a liberal arts education. Initiatives of the NAS and its members thwart a shadow from falling across all of academia. It is an honor to work for such a necessary organization and to serve its members.  

Please join me in welcoming Chance back to NAS. He may be reached at