The Real Fallout From High School Walkouts

Mar 08, 2018 |  Peter Wood

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The Real Fallout From High School Walkouts

Mar 08, 2018 | 

Peter Wood

After the mass murder at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, a series of walkouts were planned by some students in conjunction with well-established, pro-gun control political groups. NAS President Peter Wood explains in an article at Minding the Campus that the walkouts violate the academic freedom - part of which is the freedom to learn - of all students, and particularly those that disagree with the walkouts.

Walking out elevates a feeling of moral urgency above respect for education and the rights of fellow students. Walking out during regular school hours is meant to dramatize how deeply students are touched by the latest school massacre and how strongly they support legislative remedies. The walkouts, of course, won’t change the surrounding debate over Second Amendment rights. The students may hope to persuade elected officials to “do something” to stop the scourge of mass killings in schools. But what they are really doing is mistaking moral vanity for genuine “participation in democracy.”

Read the whole article at Minding the Campus.


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Roger Ek

| July 05, 2018 - 1:07 PM

Over a half century ago, the cafeteria food at our high school was awful. Student complaints went unheeded. Parental complaints, though few, were also unheeded. One day, no student bought lunch. The next day, no student bought lunch so the leftovers went to the pig farm.

School administrators absolutely knew this had been organized and they threatened severe penalties for the organizers. The next day the cafeteria sold out and some students did not get fed. It was time for the administration to negotiate before a press release which had been mentioned by some students went out. The food improved. Telling the truth used to be respected a half century ago.