We Are Moving!

Jun 07, 2012 |  Ashley Thorne

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We Are Moving!

Jun 07, 2012 | 

Ashley Thorne

We are excited to announce that on July 2, NAS will relocate from Princeton, New Jersey, to New York City. 

This is a historic moment for us. For twenty-five years we have toiled for higher education reform from the precincts of Princeton, breathing academic air and dwelling near stone, ivy, and rowing teams. It has been a good home for us. We have enjoyed proximity to think tanks that share many of our values: the James Madison Program and the Witherspoon Institute, as well as ISI’s summer institute. We attended events on the Princeton campus (see “Human Nature,” for one) and mined the excellent university and public libraries.

We are now changing from Tigers to Giants (or Jets, if you prefer). Instead of driving to work through wooded and suburban New Jersey, we will now commute by bus, train, and subway to Midtown Manhattan, the busiest commercial district in the United States. Quite a contrast to our Princeton office, behind which is a field where you can walk with closed eyes and not bump into anything more dangerous than a wildflower. In New York we expect to bump into urban scenes much wilder. 

New York is a strategic move. It reflects the interests of individuals on our staff and the direction we are headed as an organization. We’re doing more, planning better, aiming higher, and getting savvier. So as we hit the city streets, we’re ready to compete on a new level. It will be a better location for us to connect with people – we’ll be closer to more partners, members, major media, and donors, and we’ll be more accessible to those traveling to visit us (for instance, in spring 2013 for the next NAS conference). 

Of course this will be an adjustment. To afford NYC real estate we have had to pare down to a cozy-size office space, less than half our accustomed square footage. We expect that the transition will have its bumps for some of us and our members, but we look forward to being established in our new home and making it part of NAS’s identity. 

Here is our new address: 

National Association of Scholars
8 W. 38th St. Suite 503
New York, NY 10018-6229

And our new phone number:


We are close to beautiful Bryant Park and the Public Library, as well as the Empire State Building, and we are just a few minutes away from Penn Station, Port Authority, and Grand Central Station. Stop by and visit us this summer, and stick around for the classic film festival two blocks away. 

We are excited for the days ahead. Our commitment to higher education reform, to excellence in scholarship, and to academic freedom remains unchanged, and we look forward to the opportunities our new position will open up. Thank you for bearing with us during the transition and for your continued support as we begin this new chapter in NAS’s history.

John Maguire

| June 14, 2012 - 2:59 PM

It will be great to have you easily reachable ion in NYC! I do think it’s a good move.