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Ask a Scholar: Pericope and Chiasm

Jan 26, 2011 by Todd D. Moore |

Can there be more than one chiasm (a pattern of concentric parallelism) in a pericope (a paragraph, episode, or story)?

What Happened? Libel Tourism, UT Racial Preferences, Stanford Citizenship Education,…

Jan 26, 2011 by Ashley Thorne |

We revisited some of our articles from last year to find out,

The Ideological Tilt of Harvard University Press

Jan 25, 2011 by George Leef |

The Econ Journal Watch categorizes ten years of titles from Harvard University Press, first culling out all those that have no philosophical angle, then categorizing the remaining books.

Diversity, Texas Style

Jan 25, 2011 by Glenn Ricketts |

KC Johnson and Charlotte Allen provide some useful analysis of the Fifth Circuit's appeals level decision upholding the the race-based admissions policies of the University of Texas, Austin. 

NYT’s Room for Debate Looks at the Results of Higher Education

Jan 25, 2011 by George Leef |

In today's New York Times Room for Debate feature, the topic is how much college students learn. It was prompted by the furor over the recent book Academically Adrift in which the authors conclude that many students…

Reengineering Ethics Education

Jan 25, 2011 by Jason Fertig |

Teaching "ethics" won't prevent the next Enron; ethics can only be taught indirectly, argues Jason Fertig.

An Engaging Course in Political Economy

Jan 24, 2011 by George Leef |

In today's Pope Center piece, Kurt Rothhoff of Seton Hall writes about an engaging course he has developed -- a lunchtime discussion class covering issues where economics and liberty overlap. 

Dictatorships and Double Standards:  Part III

Jan 24, 2011 by Robert L. Paquette |

Professor Paquette chronicles the campus radicalism at Hamilton College that has "made it increasingly less hospitable to religious students, conservative students, and students who desire a traditional liberal arts education."

Western Culture By Bits And Pieces

Jan 24, 2011 by Glenn Ricketts |

If the general education requirements at your school slight the traditional aspects of western culture, why not use your own courses to compensate?

Rich Vedder Responds

Jan 21, 2011 by George Leef |

In this extensive Inside Higher Ed piece, Rich Vedder responds to criticism by Anthony Carnevale, who takes issue with Vedder’s argument that many college graduates derive no financial benefit from their degrees. 

Collisions on the Windshield of Globocracy: The UN’s Academic Impact

Jan 21, 2011 by Ashley Thorne |

A United Nations initiative aims to unite colleges and universities in the pursuit of ambiguous ideals such as "global citizenship."

Ask a Scholar: Class Warfare

Jan 21, 2011 by Walter Block |

Where can I find information that explains the true facts about the class warfare in the United States?

Collegiate Press Roundup

Jan 21, 2011 by Glenn Ricketts |

Undergraduate journalists assess Sarah Palin's political future, the impact of popular culture, the value of Greek life and student mental health care.

Series Answers “How Should Ethics Be Taught in College Today?”

Jan 20, 2011 by Ashley Thorne |

Over at is a new series of essays by three professors on how to teach ethics in college today.

Why is Economics Called “The Dismal Science”?

Jan 20, 2011 by George Leef |

The term was coined by enemies of laissez-faire who thought that slavery was just fine and found the free-market case against it "dismal." Hat tip: Frank Stephenson

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