David Randall

Director of Communications, National Association of Scholars. David Randall can be reached at randall@nas.org

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Conference Call: The Politicization of the College Board

Mar 21, 2019 by David Randall |

Join us next Wednesday, March 27, at 2 PM Eastern for a conference call to discuss the ways in which many of the Advanced Placement tests have become politicized and weakened.

25 Years of “A Word A Day”

Mar 18, 2019 by David Randall |

A website with a love of words marks its 25 year.

Oh, the Varsity Blues

Mar 18, 2019 by David Randall |

What's wrong with American colleges? Admissions departments are a small microcosm of large scale corruption.

Clearing the Air: Racial Preferences in Classics Studies Revisited

Feb 27, 2019 by David Randall |

How will the classics die? We revisit a controversy in the field with new evidence. 

Racial Preferences Shakes a Classical Studies Conference

Feb 13, 2019 by David Randall |

A conference erupted in outrage after a member openly criticized racial preferences. 

Don’t Ignore Government’s Contribution to the Reproduction Crisis

Jan 03, 2019 by David Randall |

Science continues to evade its complicity in the irreproducibility crisis. 

Congress Needs to Strengthen Scientific Reproducibility Standards

Dec 17, 2018 by David Randall |

National policy should be based on reproducible science. 

Harvard’s Discrimination Isn’t ‘Likeable’

Oct 22, 2018 by David Randall |

Racial preferences are unpopular. Who would have thought?

Put an End to Partisan Courses at Public Universities

Oct 12, 2018 by David Randall, Peter Wood |

Universities shouldn't pay students to engage in political activism. 

Hillsdale’s Common Reading Program

Aug 28, 2018 by David Randall |

 A common reading program deserving of replication.

Making Higher Education Accountable

Aug 20, 2018 by David Randall |

How do we get from "Admissions Officer" to "Pell Grant Harvester"? David Randall gives us the story and how to reform colleges in this speech from Grove City College.

The Establishment Defends Irreproducibility

Jul 20, 2018 by David Randall |

NAS Director of Research David Randall argues that high reproducibility standards are practical.

David Randall: A Brief Reply to Zeke Hausfather

May 15, 2018 by David Randall |

Irreproducibility Crisis co-author David Randall replies to Zeke Hausfather on climate science archiving.

The Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science

Apr 17, 2018 by David Randall |

This study examines the different aspects of the reproducibility crisis of modern science. The report also includes a series of policy recommendations, scientific and political, for alleviating the reproducibility crisis.

Teaching the Renaissance of Tolerance

Apr 11, 2018 by David Randall |

The text of the lecture given by NAS's Director of Research on February 10, 2018 at our conference, "What is Western Civilization?"

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