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Online Ed’s Niche Role

Oct 29, 2010 by David Clemens |

Online education should serve as a home for orphaned liberal arts and "boutique" courses for motivated students.

Test Drive a Hybrid College Course

Oct 29, 2010 by Jason Fertig |

A combination of online and in-class instruction can help restore academic rigor in college courses.

Yes, Virginia…You are All Right

Oct 28, 2010 by Jonathan Bean |

It is always nice to report good news. In the long struggle for sanity on college campuses, occasionally schools "do the right thing." In this case, the University of Virginia has eliminated all speech codes and earned…

Law Schools are Indoctrinating Rather Than Educating

Oct 28, 2010 by Don Racheter |

The Iowa Association of Scholars observes that law schools suffer from political bias, and that in turn, the U.S. judicial system suffers.

New Excellent Program: UCLA Center for Liberal Arts and Free Institutions

Oct 28, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

This center fosters the study of free institutions, Great Books, Shakespeare's plays, and the meaning of life.

Next Week in D.C.: Lukianoff Speaks to NAS Chapter

Oct 27, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

Friends in D.C., we hope to see you on Monday, Nov. 1, when FIRE president Greg Lukianoff will address the D.C. chapter of the National Association of Scholars. He will speak on "CLS v. Martinez and the Campus Freedom…

At the Ballot in AZ Nov. 2: Proposition 107

Oct 27, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

Next week Arizona citizens have the historic opportunity to reject racial preferences in state institutions, including public universities, by voting YES on Proposition 107. Learn more: NAS's argument in favor of Prop. 107 A…

Is Academic Freedom a Highway or a Can Opener?

Oct 27, 2010 by Peter Wood |

The true meaning and implications of "academic freedom" have been the subject of fierce debate in the academy for many years. Here NAS president Peter Wood takes a serious look at this core doctrine.

“Just the Facts, Ma’am”

Oct 27, 2010 by George Leef |

That's the approach the Pope Center is taking with the release today of a piece loaded with facts about higher education in the U.S. It is not something that flatters the educational establishment. Jenna Ashley Robinson writes…

A Letter to Arizonans on Prop. 107

Oct 26, 2010 by Stuart Hurlbert |

Next week Arizona citizens have the historic opportunity to reject racial preferences in state institutions, including public universities.

New Excellent Program: Colloquium on the American Founding

Oct 26, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

Check out our list of excellent programs as we add a new one at Amherst College.

Peter Wood Blogs at the Chronicle

Oct 25, 2010 by Ashley Thorne, Peter Wood |

I'm pleased to announce that NAS president Peter Wood is a new contributor to the Chronicle of Higher Education's Innovations blog. Here are his first two posts: "Tea Party Derangement Syndrome" "On Finding Obama…

Good Read

Oct 25, 2010 by Mary Grabar |

I'd like to share with you my post at American Culture on Christopher Hill's novel. I'm sorry to say I didn't know about  this novel until I visited the Alexander Hamilton Institute last summer.  Fortunately,…

Facebook and U: The Dangers of University Email

Oct 25, 2010 by Jonathan Bean |

A certain Midwestern state requires all of its state employees, university workers included, to undergo "ethics training." This year the state confirmed the dangers of using university email for anything personal--including logging…

Sustainability News: October 2010

Oct 25, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

"Sustainability is no longer a buzz word," says an MSU administrator. So if it's not a buzzword, what's all the buzz on college campuses about?

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