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Another Federal Judge Upholds Thought Reform

Aug 23, 2010 by Glenn Ricketts |

This summer has been a pretty rough ride for students and faculty whose religious convictions run counter to campus PC trends concerning homosexuality. We've recently seen the summary dismissal (and subsequent reinstatement)…

Ringing Defense of College Courses on the Value of Entrepreneurship

Aug 23, 2010 by George Leef |

In today's Pope Center piece, Michael Strong gives a ringing defense of programs such as those funded by BB&T that are designed to teach students about capitalism and particularly the value of entrepreneurship. Students…

The Glut of Academic Publishing: A Call for a New Culture

Aug 23, 2010 by Bill McKelvey , Mohamed Gad-el-Hak , Stanley W. Trimble , Wayne W. Grody |

This article appeared in the fall 2010 issue of Academic Questions (vol. 23, no. 3). A short version of this paper appeared under the title “We Must Stop the Avalanche of Low-Quality Research” in the June…

Threats to Academic Freedom from Right and Left

Aug 20, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

Bob Samuels reviews AAUP president Cary Nelson's book No University is an Island:

Not only did I discover this year that some administrators were receiving all of my emails, but, a couple of years…

Professor Paquette Responds

Aug 20, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

In April, Hamilton College American history professor Robert Paquette published an NAS article describing how the campus left insulates itself and bullies dissenters. As evidence, he cited the case of his…

Building a 21st Century Syllabus

Aug 20, 2010 by David Clemens |

Professors these days have to cover their backs when writing syllabi, writes David Clemens.

Question of the Week: Why Did You Choose Your College?

Aug 20, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

We're starting a new "Question of the Week" series. We'll have a new higher-education-related question every week. To answer, leave a comment on this article, email us, or respond via Facebook or Twitter (no more than 140…

Dictatorships and Double Standards, Part II

Aug 19, 2010 by Robert L. Paquette |

Professor Paquette responds to the controversy generated this summer after Hamilton College sought to censor his NAS article.

Real Ethics Education

Aug 19, 2010 by Jason Fertig |

Ethics courses should make moral decisions personal, argues Jason Fertig.

A Debate on the Higher Ed “Business Model”

Aug 18, 2010 by George Leef |

Last February, I participated in a debate organized by the Miller Center of Public Affairs and broadcast on PBS. That was one in a series of debates on issues of national importance the Miller Center has done. They followed that…

Collegiate Press Roundup 8-18-10

Aug 18, 2010 by Glenn Ricketts |

Student journalists tackle gay marriage, weird psychology studies and state liquor regulations.

5 Consequences of Administrative Bloat

Aug 18, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

What happens to higher education when universities are dominated by administrators?

Ladies First?  Here Comes the OCR

Aug 17, 2010 by Glenn Ricketts |

Gender equity full timers are at it again - you didn't really think, did you, that they'd run out of things to complain about? The earth-shaking injustice in their minds this time centers on college basketball: whenever…

Ravitch Repentant

Aug 17, 2010 by Peter Cohee |

Peter Cohee reviews Diane Ravitch's book, a partial volte-face, The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education.

Green Propaganda Popping Up All Over

Aug 16, 2010 by Candace de Russy |

In accord with a national effort to update the “No Child Left Behind Act” with an environmental component -- and renaming it the “No Child Left Inside Act” -- Maryland may soon become the…

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