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President, National Association of Scholars Dr. Peter Wood can be reached at

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A Bill Becomes a Law

Aug 04, 2008 by Peter Wood, Steve Balch |

NAS president Steve Balch and executive director Peter Wood tell about the American History for Freedom Program, a tiny gem in the massive newly-passed Higher Education Act.

“Big Argus” Meets the Playground Bullies

Jul 31, 2008 by Peter Wood |

Yesterday's IHE article, which framed the Argus project as a Big Brother operation, set the dervishes of the Left in motion. NAS executive director Peter Wood takes time to separate spin from fact.

Pullups: Outgrowing the dorm diapers and doing the real world workout

Jul 28, 2008 by Peter Wood |

If students need a grown-up university, why are colleges feeding them baby food?

National Association of Scowlers

Jul 26, 2008 by Peter Wood |

Introducing the other NAS: a disgruntled membership association of fist-shakers working to thwart new ideas and to sustain the tradition of grim solemnity and cranky curmudgeonhood in America

Never Bored

Jul 02, 2008 by Peter Wood |

Games! Prizes! Listimania!

Jailhouse Ed

Jun 20, 2008 by Adrianna Groth, Peter Wood |

If prisoners can earn college degrees while incarcerated, can the Liberal Arts liberate?

Business-as-Usual Bureaucrats Picnic with “I-Despise-America” Ideologues

Jun 17, 2008 by Glenn Ricketts, Peter Wood |

How state social work boards responded to "The Scandal of Social Work Education." So far.

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me

Jun 11, 2008 by Peter Wood |

Our secret mission has been exposed.

Nervous Laughter

Jun 11, 2008 by Adrianna Groth, Peter Wood |

A website explores the grown-up consequences of multiculturalist education.

Save It or Scrap It?

Jun 05, 2008 by Adrianna Groth, Peter Wood |

Come the next presidency, what's to be done with No Child Left Behind?

Virtuoso Violinists Beware Texas

Jun 03, 2008 by Adrianna Groth, Peter Wood |

Texas, in the quest for diversity, tries to balance affirmative action and the top ten percent rule in college admissions.

NAS Is Moving

May 20, 2008 by Peter Wood |

On May 30, we will move in to our new office space near the Princeton airport.

Oreos on the Higher-Ed-Way

May 19, 2008 by Peter Wood |

A truck-driver sleeps and spills 14 tons of double-stuffed cookies. We think this is a reflective metaphor as American colleges drowsily serve up ultra-packed, sugary doses of fluffy education.

What Does ‘Sustainability’ Have to Do With Student Loans?

May 14, 2008 by Peter Wood |

Students spend too much on too little as colleges buy in to some flimsy trends.

Igloo Building: A Primer on the Financial Aid Fiasco

May 07, 2008 by Peter Wood |

A glimpse at the student loan crisis and its implications for the academic world.

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