The Vote to Abolish Racial Discrimination in Washington State

With guest Linda Yang

Peter Wood

On November 5th, Washington state voters will have an opportunity to reject racial preferences by voting no on Referendum 88. In this special episode, Peter talks with Linda Yang of Washington Asians for Equality.  The NAS board of directors has passed a resolution supporting Washington Asians for Equality and their effort to defeat Referendum 88.

Twenty years ago, NAS members helped to outlaw racial preferences in Washington by ballot initiative, but in April of this year, the legislature passed Initiative 1000 to reinstate racial preferences. Now, the issue will go back to the voters, in the form of Referendum 88. A no vote on Referendum 88 is a vote to reject Initiative 1000, thereby rejecting the reinstatement of racial preferences.

NAS urges Washington voters who oppose racial preferences to vote no on Referendum 88 on November 5th. Those of us who live outside Washington and who oppose racial preferences should contribute money to the Vote No campaign.

In this episode, Linda Yang and Peter discuss why racial preferences are wrong and where the battle in Washington stands. 


Reject Referendum 88

Donate to the Vote No campaign on Referendum 88

Washington Asians for Equality

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