Episode #13: Last Month Today (January)


Who in the last month wrote an article titled “Against Diversity Statements”?

  1. A member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
  2. A former dean of Harvard Medical School
  3. The president of the University of Chicago
  4. A student journalist at UCLA

If you’re not sure, listen to this week’s podcast, which introduces a new feature of Curriculum Vitae: a news brief. I sat down with three members of the NAS staff to discuss what happened in higher education in the last month, and why it matters. We give an overview of newsworthy events and notable articles, as well as some commentary that puts these stories in context.

In addition to “Against Diversity Statements,” which you can read online here, we also talk about another lawsuit challenging affirmative action, this time at the University of North Carolina, and the new civics taking hold at Shenandoah College.

We discuss what the Covington Catholic controversy says about civic engagement, the trend of colleges closing their Chinese government-funded Confucius Institutes,  a lawsuit challenging faculty unions’ right of exclusive representation over college professors, and Portland State University’s persecution of academic hoaxer Peter Boghossian. We also ask, along with NAS member Warren Treadgold and the American Enterprise Institute’s Frederick Hess and Brenden Bell, is it time to start an entirely new university?

Listen to our conversation, and then share your thoughts on these stories. Post to social media using the hashtag #NASCurriculumVitae or write to us at contact@nas.org.

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