Harvey Mansfield Praises the Bowdoin Project

Michael Toscano

There have been a lot of reactions to What Does Bowdoin Teach?, many negative and many positive. It is always nice to receive unsolicited praise for our work—especially when that praise comes from Harvey Mansfield.

Dear Peter,

I can’t remember reading a book on higher education—for that’s what you have written—that I’ve enjoyed so much and found so impressive. There’s nothing like this in literature—a complete, top to bottom treatment of a college. The analysis is excellent, bringing out many truths I had not seen, such as on sustainability and the research mentality connected to the expansion of the student self—one insight after the other. And you don’t lose your temper, thereby preparing the devastating last paragraph. Quite an achievement!

Yours in admiration,
Harvey Mansfield
April 11, 2013

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