NAS State Affiliates Support the PROSPER Act

Rachelle Peterson

Five state affiliates of the National Association of Scholars have issued letters in support of the PROSPER Act, a bill to reauthorize and substantially reform the Higher Education Act. NAS members in Georgia, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, and Nevada have written to their Congressional delegations in support of the bill.

In addition, Bruce Gilley, the president of NAS’s Oregon affiliate, the Oregon Association of Scholars, wrote an op-ed in The Oregonian in support of the PROSPER Act.

The National Association of Scholars believes that the PROSPER Act, while imperfect, represents the best chance for education reform in decades. The bill protects freedom of speech and religious freedom, reforms Federal student aid, relieves overregulation, and supports nontraditional and vocational education. Read NAS’s full statement on the PROSPER Act here, and browse the state affiliate statements below.

Georgia Association of Scholars on the PROSPER Act >

Missouri Association of Scholars on the PROSPER Act >

Montana members of the NAS on the PROSPER Act >

Nebraska Association of Scholars on the PROSPER Act >

Nevada Association of Scholars on the PROSPER Act >

Bruce Gilley’s op-ed in The Oregonian >

For more information on the PROSPER Act, read NAS’s full review of the bill, or download our citizen toolkit to find out how you can play a role in the legislative process.

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