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Final Advice for the Untenured Conservative Humanist

Mark Bauerlein

Part 3: Service. When you join a committee, you either make your colleagues' workdays easier or make them harder. If the latter, they will remember the fact and it may very well come up at tenure time.

More Advice for the Untenured Conservative Humanist

Mark Bauerlein

Part 2: Teaching. Sage-on-the-stage, the flipped classroom? No need for that. Just avoid a few crucial missteps. Plus: How to raise your students’ grades without inflating them. From First Things. 

Some Advice for the Untentured Conservative Humanist

Mark Bauerlein

Part 1: Research. If you are an untenured humanities who is also a religious or social conservative, the bar is set higher for you. Mark Bauerlein is here to offer advice to the untenured professor. 

Dear Aspiring Professor

Robert E. Gordon

Dr. Gordon gives advice to future adjuncts on their journey toward tenure. 

Dear Future Professor: What I’ve Learned about Teaching Well

Walter E. Williams

Walter Williams offers some suggestions for how to become a good teacher.

Dear Future Arts Professor

Daniel Asia

Daniel Asia gives advice to future arts and humanities scholars.

Dear Future Philosopher

Robert Koons

NAS member Robert Koons gives advice to those pursuing philosophy.

Dear Future Professor: The Red Pill

Jason Fertig

Jason Fertig gives advice to people considering a career in academia.

Dear Future Conservative Professor

Robert Maranto

The academy needs ideological diversity, and conservative students should be undaunted in participating at the higest level. 

Dear Future Adjunct

David Randall

NAS director of communications David Randall advises current and future adjunct professors. 

Dear Future Professor

Hal Arkes

The first in a series of letters to new and prospective professors.