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Institutional Doublethink at UNC

Peter Wood
Rachelle Peterson

UNC-Ashville pushes fossil fuel divestment. 

Divesting Freedom: The Fossil Fuel Divestment’s Campaign Against Civic Debate

Rachelle Peterson

NAS Policy Director Rachelle Peterson spoke in New Orleans, LA on the future of divestment.

Dead: Fossil Fuel Divestment

Rachelle Peterson

Rachelle Peterson describes the steps that led to the closing of the Divestment Student Network (DSN).

Mizzou Madness: A Case Study of Non-Diversity, Non-Freedom, and Non-Academics in Higher Education

J. Martin Rochester

The entirety of a five-part essay, Mizzou Madness: A Case Study of Non-Diversity, Non-Freedom, and Non-Academics in Higher Education, by political scientist J. Martin Rochester.

Extinct Experiments

Peter Wood

NAS celebrates a victory as the Divestment Student Network closes. 

Canada’s Crusade Against Fossil Fuels

Rachelle Peterson

Frontier Centre for Public Policy releases a report illuminating the failed agenda of fossil fuel divestment. 

Sustainability: The Left's New Facade

Rachelle Peterson

Rachelle Peterson discusses the greening of Oklahoma's universities.

Exposing Climate Alarmism in 90 Minutes

Rachelle Peterson

Rachelle Peterson writes for the National Review about an important new documentary, Climate Hustle

Rachelle Peterson Discusses Exxon and Fossil Fuels on Mandy Connell Show


Rachelle Peterson discusses her Weekly Standard article, "Why They Hate Exxon," on the Mandy Connell Show. 

Why They Hate Exxon

Rachelle Peterson

The crusade to kill fossil fuels continues.

BDS Movement Suffers a Setback

Chance Layton

The American Historical Association voted against a resolution to condemn Israel. 

Where DINOs Rule

Rachelle Peterson

Activists vastly overstate fossil fuel divestment pledges. 

Roses and Thorns: NAS's Top 10 List for 2015

Ashley Thorne

The National Association of Scholars remembers who stood out this year in higher education. 

Stanley Fish, Divestment, and "The Student Assault on the Academy"


Stanley Fish writes on the campus divestment movement and the role of the university.

Videos: "Inside Divestment" Launch


A first look at the launch of "Inside Divestment: The Illiberal Movement to Turn a Generation Against Fossil Fuels."

Video: Heritage Foundation Panel on Fossil Fuel Divestment


Rachelle Peterson joins a panel hosted by Dr. David Kreutzer with Dr. Stanley Kurtz and Brendan Williams about the campus divestment movement. 

Rachelle Peterson on WSJ's Opinion Journal


Rachelle Peterson takes viewers inside NAS's new study on the fossil fuel divestment campaign. 

Inside Divestment: The Illiberal Movement to Turn a Generation Against Fossil Fuels

Rachelle Peterson

A comprehensive account of the campus fossil fuel divestment movement.

Announcement: Rachelle Peterson to Speak on Divestment


NAS Director of Research Projects Rachelle Peterson will speak at the Heritage Foundation on Friday, November 13.

This Changes Everything?

Rachelle Peterson

Naomi Klein's new movie admits conservative critics of the environmental left were right. 

Divesting from Free Speech

Rachelle Peterson

Rachelle Peterson explains that divestment activists have silenced debate, but done little to aid the environment.

Peter Wood and Rachelle Peterson Interviewed on Leaders with Ginni Thomas


Virginia Thomas takes viewers inside the NAS report, Sustainability: Higher Education's New Fundamentalism. 

Room for Debate: NAS and 350.org

Peter Wood

Peter Wood comments on 350.org's response to Rachelle Peterson's recent piece about the college divestment movement.

Rachelle Peterson in Today's NYT Room for Debate


Rachelle Peterson discussed the college divestment movement in the New York Times Room for Debate.

Whose Side Are You On?

Rachelle Peterson

The fossil fuel divestment campaign declares war on free speech.

Bill McKibben Responds to NAS Questions on Divestment

Rachelle Peterson

Prominent sustainability activist Bill McKibben offers some answers to questions posed by NAS. 

Rachelle Peterson on WSJ Live


The fossil fuel divestment fad indulges fantasy rather than grappling with economic realities. 

Diminishing Returns

Rachelle Peterson

Divestment activism has failed. Universities are learning that sanctions rarely accomplish anything.

President Obama, Not Green Enough for the Hardcore Greens

Rachelle Peterson

It doesn't take much to be accused of being a climate change "denier." You don't even have to deny climate change.

Divestment Spring

Rachelle Peterson

Students stage sit-ins for divestment, claiming to be "oppressed" by college trustees. 

George F. Will Writes About NAS Sustainability Report


Nationally syndicated columnist George F. Will devotes his most recent column to the new NAS report. 

(Not So) Happy Global Divestment Day

Rachelle Peterson

Activists worldwide are converging to demand divestment from fossil fuels. 

Call Your Broker, Save the Planet

Rachelle Peterson

Rachelle Peterson writes for National Review Online on why climate activists' latest cause has them sounding like stock market analysts. 

Fueling Lawsuits

Rachelle Peterson

Harvard students sue to divest from fossil fuels.

Campus Energy Divestment: A Mistaken Legacy of the Anti-Apartheid Movement

Caleb Rossiter

"Divestment will again harm Africans, but this time to no good end." Dr. Caleb Rossiter, an adjunct professor at American University, weighs in.

Campus Activism: The Fight for Imaginary Victories

Peter Wood

Campus activists fight against an imaginary villain of social injustice.

An Open Letter to Swarthmore's Board of Managers

Peter Berkowitz

NAS board member Peter Berkowitz reflects on Swarthmore President Rebecca Chopp's departure from Swarthmore.

Stanford Divests—and Entangles Itself

Peter Wood

Divestment isn't about stocks; it's about souls.

Outside the 'Consensus'—Notes of a Climate Change 'Denier'

Peter Wood

With regard to climate change, the academy enforces a hardened orthodoxy with increasing determination.

Divestment’s Gettysburg?

Rachelle Peterson

The divestment movement suffers a devastating defeat at Hamilton College.

The New School’s New Wail: A Visit to Campus Sustainability Day

Peter Wood

At a sustainability festival at The New School, students complacently accepted pseudo-scientific claims and the nationwide campaign to divest holdings from oil companies. 

Doubts, Deficits, Divestments, and Developments: A Higher Education Bubble Update

Ashley Thorne

CFOs lack confidence in their institutions' financial sustainability, Loyola University fails to enroll enough students to make budget, and the University of Wisconsin announces a "flexible option" for college credit.

What Would the Left Do without Emotional Causes?

George Leef

The current mania over fossil fuel divestment tends to be heavy on emotion and light on logic.

This Means War: Swarthmore Religion Profs Ready to Fight

Ashley Thorne

Five Swarthmore professors call for "the moral equivalent of war."

Swarthmore Lets an Angry Mob Take Over

Peter Wood

Peter Wood comments on the most recent display of the sustainability movement's "new anger" at Swarthmore College.