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California Says Goodbye to "Hxrstory," For Now


The California State Board of Education orders the state's proposed "Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum" be redesigned. The news is a small victory for sanity. 

A Letter to the Editors

Peter Wood

Accusations are often a short-cut to national attention.

Report: Neo-Segregation at Yale


NAS launches its latest report studying the history and growth of neo-segregation in American higher education.

The Myth of Discrimination Against Women in Academia Rises Once Again

Stuart Hurlbert

What do popular statistics miss about the gender gap?

Appreciating Tom Wolfe (1930-2018)

Carol Iannone

In remembrance of the man who critiqued a century.

Put an End to Partisan Courses at Public Universities

Peter Wood

Universities shouldn't pay students to engage in political activism. 

Hannah Arendt, Between Future and Past

Edward R. Dougherty

Hannah Arendt envisioned the collapse of Western civilization. Are we living through it? How near to truth was her prediction?

Shedding Humanity, Shredding the Humanities

Anthony Esolen

An incident with a student provides the occasion for Anthony Esolen’s exposition of how identity politics has made humanities education nearly impossible and the “very notion of a common good nearly inconceivable.”