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Why I Set Up the Oregon Branch of the National Association of Scholars

Bruce Gilley

Well-educated people seek well-educated responses to lunacy.

Oregon Moves Toward "Inclusive" Curriculum

Glenn Ricketts

Oregon affiliate president Bruce Gilley weighs in against proposed curricular changes.

Loose Definitions


A bill in the Oregon legislature has drawn ire for comparing genocide to the daily plight of microaggressions and appropriation. 

Academy for Retribution


Peter W. Wood writes a letter to the President of Portland State University urging the institution to end its use of academic disciplinary procedures to harass Professor Boghossian. 

NAS State Affiliates Support the PROSPER Act

Rachelle Peterson

NAS state affiliates write in on the PROSPER Act.

NAS Affiliate Oregon Association of Scholars Launches New Website


The Oregon chapter of the National Association of Scholars has provided resources for members at OregonScholars.org. 

Ohio Scholars Meet


Adam Kissel spoke with the Ohio Association of Scholars.

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The Sustainability of MOOCs

Rachelle Peterson

Can a classroom provide a healthy learning environment for masses of students? 

The University of California Regents Contradict Themselves

John Ellis

In a new series of correspondence about the California Association of Scholars' report A Crisis of Competence, the University of California Regents appear less than transparent.

Theodore Hamerow, RIP

Stanley G. Payne

We mourn the passing of Professor Ted Hamerow, remembered here by a close colleague.

California Association of Scholars Responds to UC Regents

Charles Geshekter

The California Association of Scholars responds a second time to UC's Board of Regents.

California Higher-Ed: Regents Deny Critics a Fair Hearing

Peter Berkowitz

The UC Board of Regents seems determined to disregard substantial evidence of the politicization of college education on its watch, in part by denying to its critics, the California Association of Scholars.

California Scholars Confront Regents on UC Politicization

John Ellis

The California Association of Scholars, a division of NAS, challenges the Board of Regents to address political activism in the classroom at the University of California. 

Recasting History: Are Race, Class, and Gender Dominating American History?

Peter Wood

A report on the politicization of required US history courses in Texas.

California Association of Scholars: New Evidence of Politicization at UC

John M. Ellis

Although the University of California denied accusations of political activism earlier this year, CAS addresses the UC once more after recent events on campus.

CUNY Adds Category "White/Jewish" to Diversity Action Plan

Ashley Thorne

Our New York affiliate weighs in on a controversy of racial and religious labels at the City University of New York.

A Crisis of Competence: Update, Comment, and Criticism

Steve Balch

NAS chairman Steve Balch answers responses to the new report by the California Association of Scholars on politicization in the University of California.

Norman Fruman and Academe's Greatest Generation

Steve Balch

We've lost another stalwart.  Norman Fruman, former Minnesota affiliate head and an NAS director since 1996, has died at the age of 88.  Steve Balch misses this member of the greatest generation.

U Cal President Yudof Responds to CAS Report, CAS Leaders Reply

Glenn Ricketts

The recent NAS report, "A Crisis of Competence, " evoked comment from the head of the University of California system, to which the CAS authors of the report replied

U California President Yudof Says Political Advocacy Is a Problem

Ashley Thorne

At a press conference UC president Mark Yudof declared his commitment to ideology-free education. Charles Geshekter of the Caliofornia Association of Scholars asked him to say so in a memo to the UC Board of Regents.

Ed Rauchut Remembered

Steve Balch

NAS remembers Ed Rauchut: memorable teacher, productive scholar, academic entrepreneur, devoted father, and absolutely genuine man.

Politics, Education, and More Politics: NAS’s New Report on the University of California

Peter Wood

Peter Wood discusses the National Association of Scholars’ new report that says higher education has been hurt by the failure of safeguards against using the classroom to advance partisan ideas and loyalties.

University of California Report in the News

Ashley Thorne

Both national and local media pay attention to a new report by NAS's California affiliate on the politicization of the University of California.

A Crisis of Competence: The Corrupting Effect of Political Activism in the University of California

John M. Ellis

A report on the consequences of politicization in higher education, focused on the University of California.

John Stossel Interviews Illinois Affiliate Head Jonathan Bean

Glenn Ricketts

The leader of the Illinois Association of Scholars is eloquent on the subject of business & race.

5th Avenue Percussions

Peter Wood

Peter Wood contrasts discontented Occupiers with another discontented group.

Murray: Three Reasons Colleges Are Oversubscribed

Brendan Nagle

A report from a National Capitol Association of Scholars meeting.

Event: New York Affiliate to Host Lecture by Sol Stern

Kate Hamilton

On Sunday afternoon Manhattan Institute senior fellow Sol Stern will speak in New York City on the current value of higher education.

NAS California Affiliate Introduces Amicus Brief Filed in Pending Supreme Court Case

John M. Ellis

The California Association of Scholars offers a statement on the amicus curiae brief they submitted in support of Fisher v. University of Texas, a case that challenges the use of racial preferences in university admissions.

High Schools Discard the Canon

Ashley Thorne

A study led by NAS's Arkansas affiliate head finds that high school literature courses draw sparsely on the great books.

Jan Blits on Campus Liberty

Ashley Thorne

At a recent gathering of college students, Professor Jan Blits, NAS's Delaware affiliate head, urged students not to take liberty for granted.

NAS Delaware Head Jan Blits Keynotes Tomorrow at FIRE Conference

Professor Blits, who helped end the University of Delaware's ideological residence life program, will speak to students and others at the conference of the Campus Freedom Network.

Federal Appeals Court Invalidates Michigan Civil Rights Initiative

Glenn Ricketts

A divided three-judge panel of the 6th Federal Appeals Circuit has struck down Michigan's voter-approved constitutional amendment banning the consideration of race or sex in college admissions decisions. I haven't had the opportunity to parse the specific details of the constitutional basis on which the court reached this conclusion, only that Propostiion 2, as it was known as a ballot initiative, harms minority applicants. The next step, if there is one, will be an appeal to the full bench of the 6th circuit or to the US Supreme Court. The decision comes at a time when the California Legislature is considering a law which would re-introduce racial quotas into the admissions process there, in direct conflict with the provisions of Proposition 209. This you'll recall, was also a voter-approved initiative banning such preferences. Our California affiliate, as noted here, is vigorously opposing this seemingly back-door maneuver. Ward Connerly, a tireless opponent of racial preferences and supporter of both ballot initiatives, gets it right when says that it's becoming impossible for the people to make their own collective decisions in these matters, due to the arbitrary intervention of the courts. Let's hope that an appeal is not long in coming.

CAS Chairman's Testimony Against Racial Preferences Bill for California State Senate Education Committee

Charles Geshekter

Testimony of CAS Chairman Charles Geshekter testimony before the California Senate education against SB 185, April 27, 2011.

California Affiliate Continues Campaign Against Racial Preference Bill

John Ellis

The California Association of Scholars steps up its opposition to proposed legislation which would authorize the use of racial preferences in college admissions. Have the state's legislators forgotten Proposition 209?

"Glorious Liberty": How to Discuss Race without Tears

Jonathan Bean

NAS Illinois affiliate president Jonathan Bean discusses classical liberalism and race relations with interviewer La Tasha R. Jones.

New York Association of Scholars Statement to the CUNY Board

NAS’s New York affiliate believes a CUNY resolution intended to help community college students transfer to four-year schools has the unintended consequence of severely undermining academic standards.

CUNY Trustees Stand Up Against Faculty's Anti-Israel Sentiments - In Vain


A statement of NAS's affiliate the New York Association of Scholars on the Kushner controversy.

California Association of Scholars Opposes New Racial Preferences Senate Bill

John Ellis

Another bill threatens to overturn Proposition 209; the ever-vigilant California Association of Scholars speaks out.

NAS Affiliate Head Appointed to Civil Rights Commission's Illinois Committee

Ashley Thorne

Jonathan Bean, an NAS leader and history professor at Southern Illinois University, has been appointed to the state's advisory committee for the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.

Massachusetts Association of Scholars Spotlight

Dennis Outwater

The new president of the Massachusetts Association of Scholars outlines his vision for the affiliate.

NAS Delaware Affiliate President Jan Blits Receives Academic Freedom Award

Ashley Thorne

We congratulate Professor Blits on being honored for his courage in challenging political correctness at the University of Delaware.

Letter from Connecticut Association of Scholars to Wesleyan University President

NAS's Connecticut affiliate wrote to Wesleyan's president to support the students who conducted an "affirmative action bake sale" on campus last fall.

Statement by the California Association of Scholars Regarding Chancellor Birgeneau's Remarks on the Tucson Shootings

NAS's California affiliate calls out UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau for his improper use of his position for political advocacy.

Congratulations, King Banaian!

Ashley Thorne

Cross-posted from NAS.org  Congratulations to King Banaian, who was elected in a close race to the Minnesota House of Representatives. On Election Day he was ten votes ahead of his opponent Carol Lewis, and after a recount on November 29, Lewis conceded the race to Banaian.

Dr. Banaian is professor and chairman of the Economics Department of St. Cloud State University. He is a former board member of the Minnesota Association of Scholars and he blogs at SCSU Scholars (and the NAS Blog!). This week NAS is indebted to his expertise as an economist, which he drew upon to answer an "Ask a Scholar" question about interest rates on government debt.
We wish him success as he begins this new chapter of his career, serving the people of District 15B in St. Cloud Minnesota.

NAS Tennessee Affiliate Head Elected to State Senate

Ashley Thorne

Cross-posted from NAS.org Congratulations to Jim Summerville, who was elected to the Tennessee state Senate on November 2, beating incumbent Doug Jackson in a surprise upset. He has been the president of the Tennessee  affiliate of the National Association of Scholars for a good many years. We wish him well as he embarks on this new chapter of his career, serving the people of the 25th District.

Affiliates Speak Out for Intellectual Diversity

Ashley Thorne

This week, two NAS state affiliates wrote letters to the editor of local newspapers. Potential Bias at UI College of Law Daily Iowan Don Racheter, Iowa Association of Scholars Open Dialogue, Good Decisions St. Paul Pioneer Press Terrence F. Flower, Minnesota Association of Scholars

Law Schools are Indoctrinating Rather Than Educating

Don Racheter

The Iowa Association of Scholars observes that law schools suffer from political bias, and that in turn, the U.S. judicial system suffers.

Next Week in D.C.: Lukianoff Speaks to NAS Chapter

Ashley Thorne

Friends in D.C., we hope to see you on Monday, Nov. 1, when FIRE president Greg Lukianoff will address the D.C. chapter of the National Association of Scholars. He will speak on "CLS v. Martinez and the Campus Freedom of Association Crisis." To RSVP and for more details, see this flier.  

"Lily-White Imbalances": Blatant Reverse Racism at Brooklyn College

Ashley Thorne

A faculty member's call for racial discrimination gives us a window into the shallow world of "diversity" in academe.

Governor Schwarzenegger Vetoes Racial Preferences Bill

John Ellis

A victory for the California Association of Scholars, who argued against a bill that would have legalized racial, ethnic, and gender discrimination.

CUNY Affiliate Urges Common Reading Transparency

Dorothy Lang

The CUNY Association of Scholars gives Brooklyn College three recommendations for improving its freshman book assignment.

California Scholars Fighting for Prop. 209

Ashley Thorne

Proposition 209, the law prohibiting racial preferences at public universities in California, is under attack. Last week the California Association of Scholars (CAS), an affiliate of NAS, filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit against Prop. 209 by an organization that, as NAS president Peter Wood said, "has deployed questionable tactics against civil rights initiatives in every state where they have been proposed." CAS, along with Ward Connerly and the American Civil Rights Foundation, will be represented by attorneys with the Pacific Legal Foundation. There is also a bill called AB2047, which would effectively overturn Prop. 209 and is now in the hands of the California Senate. CAS president John Ellis has sent a letter to the Senate chair, Gloria Romero, urging her and her colleagues to vote down this law. Links Press Release on CAS and BAMN lawsuit CAS Letter to State Senate Chronicle of Higher Ed Pacific Legal Foundation Press Release

CAS Opposes Racial Preferences Bill

John Ellis

The California Association of Scholars urges CA Senate not to pass a bill that will overturn Proposition 209 and allow the use of racial preferences in university admissions.

CAS Letter to California Assembly: Do Not Pass Racial Preferences Bill

John Ellis

The California Association of Scholars urges the State Assembly not to pass a bill that will overturn Proposition 209 and allow the use of racial preferences in university admissions.

Arizona Scholars Host Ward Connerly; "Alianza" Prepares Protest

Daniel Asia

So,  for the first event of the Arizona Association of Scholars, Ward Connerly will be our guest.  Being a strong believer in open dialogue I forwarded a press release to many student organizations on campus. Here is one response:

To: Daniel, Arturo, Andrea, Lorenzo, Socorro, and David I didn't want to explain all of this to the greater email list, but I'm just sending this to a few leaders on campus: Ward Connerly (for those who may not be familiar) was a key opponent of Affirmative Action when the University of Michigan defended its admissions process to the Supreme Court in the late 1990s.  As chair of Alianza (Latino student organization) at the University of Michigan during the Affirmative  Action cases, I can attest that, frankly, his advocacy can do more potential damage for student of color resources on campus than the cultural center restructuring plans.  So, I urge you to research Connerly's track record, attend the talk, and let your voices be heard. If you think it would help, I'd be glad to address your organizations, just let me know. Thanks, Maurice

Jeepers, so much for free inquiry and open dialogue, which now seems to be a dangerous commodity.

Superb New Book by CT Affiliate Head

Ashley Thorne

We are proud to recognize that Jay Bergman, president of the NAS Connecticut affiliate and professor of history at Central Connecticut State University, has published a new book, Meeting the Demands of Reason: The Life and Thought of Andrei Sakharov.

California Association of Scholars Talks of War

Ashley Thorne

 Next month the California Association of Scholars, along with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, will sponsor a free lecture by Victor Davis Hanson on “War in the postmodern world: a review of new laws of conflict and why they are often surreal when seen in a classical context.” Here is the description of the event:

 Using ancient Greece and military history as commentary, Professor Hanson will analyze the legal dilemmas faced by democracies when defending themselves against terrorist entities.


Victor Davis Hanson is a Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and Professor Emeritus of Classics at the California State University at Fresno, noted historian of ancient Greece and preeminent military historian. He is author of more than 170 articles, 16 books, and recipient of many awards, including the National Humanities Medal. 

Victor Davis Hanson is also the recipient of NAS’s Peter Shaw Award and was the keynote speaker at our 2009 national conference. We hope our local members and readers will seize this opportunity to hear from an excellent scholar of Western civilization and to meet like-minded Californians.


The lecture will take place on Monday, October 12, 2009, at 7:30pm at the UCLA faculty center. Please call (310) 569-0853 if you have any questions.

To learn more about the California Association of Scholars, click here to visit its website.
To see the flyer for the evening, click here.  

Holding VT Accountable: Virginia Association of Scholars Writes Again

Carey Stronach

NAS's Virginia affiliate writes a second letter to Virginia Tech president Charles Steger, asking him to rethink his position on "inclusive excellence."

Lies in California

Ashley Thorne

John Ellis uncovers the deceptions propagated by UC Berkeley's race-obsessed chancellor.

Letter to VT from Virginia Association of Scholars

Carey Stronach

A letter from NAS's Virginia affiliate to Virginia Tech President Charles Steger urging the university "to abandon its requirement that, in order to prosper, faculty must demonstrate attachment to the doctrine of diversity."

Tuesday Tangerine

Ashley Thorne

Going green, leapfrogging, and triggering

Wild BOARS in California

Glenn Ricketts

Our California affiliate raises objections to proposals which will guarantee admissions to 9 percent of each high school.

New NAS Affiliate in Arkansas

Sandra Stotsky

The National Association of Scholars is proud to announce the inception of a new affiliate for the state of Arkansas.

Startling Revelations: The National Association of Scholars Salutes Its Delaware Affiliate for Its R

Our Delaware affiliate exposes the University of Delaware's residence life program, known on campus as "the treatment."