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Curriculum Vitae: Episode #3


Peter W. Wood sits down with KC Johnson to unpack what happened to Title IX and what should be done to fix it.

Measuring Sexual Assault on Campus: The Clery Report Challenge

Dan Subotnik

A careful dissection of the most widely used surveys on campus sexual assaults indicates that the problem might be something less than the scourge it is often portrayed as.

Title IX Witch Trials

Michael Krauss

Michael Krauss reviews K.C. Johnson & Stuart Taylor's The Campus Rape Frenzy.

Looking Back at the Duke Lacrosse Case after Ten Years

George Leef

A professor reflects on the decade-old Duke case and the lack of change at the university.

Hook-Up Culture

David Randall

NAS President Peter Wood writes on the hook-up culture on campus.

Libertarians vs. Progressives: The New Campus Divide

Peter Wood

There is a dramatic divide on campus between students caught up in campus "hook-up culture" and feminist crusaders against "rape culture."

Statement on Campus Accountability and Safety Act


The NAS has concerns about the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, which could potentially encourage college communities to implicate innocent parties.

Letter to Lamar Alexander

Peter Wood

Peter Wood writes to Senator Lamar Alexander about the Office for Civil Rights's efforts to lower standards of due process in cases of alleged sexual assault on campus.

Peter Wood Comments on U of Montana Sexual Assault Tutorial

Glenn Ricketts

NAS President Peter Wood has reservations about the new policy.

Campus SHI Learns Improved Ways To Find ‘Em Guilty

Glenn Ricketts

Campus SHI administrators learn how to get air-tight guilty verdicts.

John Stossel Interviews Illinois Affiliate Head Jonathan Bean

Glenn Ricketts

The leader of the Illinois Association of Scholars is eloquent on the subject of business & race.

Sustainability News: October 2010

Ashley Thorne

"Sustainability is no longer a buzz word," says an MSU administrator. So if it's not a buzzword, what's all the buzz on college campuses about?

Mandatory Rape Lecture for Male Freshmen at Hamilton College

Ashley Thorne

Male freshmen will be instructed tonight by "a national leader in social justice and sustainability education."