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NAS Submits Testimony on Confucius Institutes


NAS policy director Rachelle Peterson submits written testimony to the United Kingdom on Confucius Institutes.

The Censorship Epidemic

Chance Layton

Bias-Free Language Obscures the Real Issue: Character

A University of New Hamphsire guide to "bias-free language" is more concerned with words than with what really matters.

How Do College Speech Codes Originate?

George Leef

George Mason University law professor Todd Zywicki writes for the John William Pope Center about his attempt at eradicating his school's speech code. 

Stanford’s Safe Space

Joshua Bridges

Free speech clashes with the safe space movement at Stanford University. 

Boxed In: The Destructive Evolution of Campus Free Speech Zones

Joshua Bridges

Many college campuses have implemented "free speech zones," but these zones do anything but protect free speech.

Let Them Speak! Why It’s Important to Let Speakers Speak

Joshua Bridges

At many universities, students have shot down speakers who announce differing opinions. By doing so, they undermine their own intellectual development.

Kudos: Amherst President Defends Free Speech

Glenn Ricketts

Amherst College president Carolyn Martin stands tall in defense of free expression.

Watch Out: Feds Act to Make College Campuses Safer

Glenn Ricketts

Do we need a new federal agency to make college campuses safer?

Sexuality and Freedom of Speech: Criticism of OCR Continues

Glenn Ricketts

OCR continues to get its lumps from all quarters.

FIRE President Details Chilling New Federal Campus Speech Codes

Glenn Ricketts

Greg Lukianoff describes the numbing censorship imposed by the new federal guidelines.

FIRE Press Release Scores Federal Speech Code Standards

Glenn Ricketts

The Department of Justice embraces OCR's censorious harassment code.

Undergraduate Editors, Writers, Probe Limits of Free Speech, Race Relations

Glenn Ricketts

Collegiate press regulars examine the limits of their trade: freedom of speech and press.

FIRE Lists Rogues' Gallery of Free Speech Offenders

Glenn Ricketts

FIRE presents its list of the 12 most repressive campuses for freedom of speech.

That Man May Revel in His Freedom of Speech

Glenn Ricketts

Is the use of inclusive use of the masculine singular pronoun grounds for accusations of sexual harassment? It was at CSU-Chico till FIRE ridiculed them with "Speech Code of the Year."

Harvey for Harvard

Ashley Thorne

Harvey Silverglate is running for Harvard

Harassed by Harassment Codes?

Glenn Ricketts

Sexual harassment codes - codes that often infringe on faculty rights and that poison collegiality on campus - are making a comeback.