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Debunking Howard Zinn with Mary Grabar

Peter Wood

A People’s History is easily one of the most common and popular history books in America, why? What makes this revisionist history so appealing? Listen in as Peter and Mary Grabar attempt to answer these questions and others about Howard Zinn's infamous career and legacy. 

Child Care, Food Stamps, and Flat Tires: When Free Tuition Isn't Enough

Rachelle Peterson

In her latest article for The Federalist, NAS Policy Director Rachelle Peterson unpacks the Democrats' proposed "College Affordability Act," a bill that promises to fund everything from daycare to groceries, and yes, even roadside assistance, for college students.

A Feminist Bothered by ‘Everything’

Rachelle Peterson

The Problem with Everything: My Journey Through the New Culture Wars is the latest book by liberal feminist Meghan Daum, in which she details her problems with so-called "Fourth Wave Feminism." In this article, NAS Policy Director Rachelle Peterson reviews the book and critiques its characterization of modern campus feminism.

Social Justice Education in America

David Randall

Join NAS this Wednesday for a conference call on social justice education in America. 

Episode #46: Presidential Candidates On Higher Education with Rachelle Peterson

Peter Wood

Rachelle Peterson and Peter Wood discuss where the presidential candidates stand on higher education.