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America’s Exceptional Guilt

Jason Ross

A Liberty University professor explains the emergence of the "neo-Garrisonian" view of the Constitution, recently promulgated in The New York Times' 1619 Project, arguing that it is both in error and dangerous for American culture.

Academic Freedom in the Age of Double-Mindedness

Peter Wood

The Overton Window should be at its widest in the academy but rarely is that the case. In this acceptance speech, Peter wrestles with how to widen that window.

Reclaiming 1619

Kevin R. C. Gutzman

A prominent historian critiques the New York Times' over-simplified portrayal of American slavery, instead offering a more holistic account of the events surrounding our country's founding.

Episode #41: Amy Wax and Academic Courage

Peter Wood

When academic freedom isn't enough courage becomes necessary. In this episode, Peter W. Wood is joined by Penn Law Professor Amy Wax.

The Academic Rants of Eco-Fascism

Sumantra Maitra

A reply to a recent article exposes a standard Western activist/academic whose views align more with an apocalyptic cult than serious study.