Video: Paul Gottfried: "Multiculturalism is the Religion of Universities"

Paul Gottfried, a professor of humanities at Elizabethtown College, was involved in some controversy this spring after he published an article, "Campus Witch Hunts," satirizing the politically correct sensitivities of college administrators. Gottfried, who will soon retire from teaching, is this week's guest on Inside Academia.

He notes that social work and education departments are generally "at the forefront of pushing the multicultural agenda on campus" and he describes the factors that come together to sustain that agenda, one of which is the "politics of guilt." Professor Gottfried also gives a clear explanation as to why multiculturalism, which is usually considered innocuous, is really a pernicious force for inequality and victimization, especially on college campuses. 

Click on the video below to watch the 15-minute interview. 



Key Take-Aways

  • 1:10 – Late-arrival diversity mania at Elizabethtown College (3 mins)
  • 4:27 – Why retiring? “Students lack real interest in learning.” (1 min)
  • 6:21 – Multiculturalism is “bogus education,” avoids serious study (1 min)
  • 9:20 – A primer on the factors sustaining multiculturalism (2 mins)
  • 12:02 – Multiculturalism is “coercive, imposed, promotes inequality” (2 mins)
  • 14:09 – Colleges adopted coercive diversity in lieu of Christian values (1 min)


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