Our Work

The National Association of Scholars upholds the standards of a liberal arts education that fosters intellectual freedom, searches for the truth, and promotes virtuous citizenship.

Our Work

The Civics Alliance promotes policy information at the federal, state, and local level.

Federal Policy

The Civics Alliance’s federal priority is to inform citizens of the danger posed by the federal government imposing radical action civics on the states or bribing them into compliance.

Proposed Federal Legislation

The Civics Secures Democracy Act would open the floodgates of federal support for action civics—and may receive support from policymakers who do not realize how radical the bill is.

The Civics Learning Act of 2021, even more radical than The Civics Secures Democracy Act, authorizes federal support for and gives grant preference to action civics.

Proposed U.S. Education Department Rule

The U.S. Education Department’sProposed Priorities” ensures that the Civics Secures Democracy Act would only fund programs that forward radical identity politics.

U.S. Civics Test

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requires candidates for naturalization to pass a Civics Test and 22 states have linked their K-12 civics curriculum to the Civics Test. Civics reformers should inform federal policymakers about the need to preserve the Civics Test’s rigor.

Strategic Goal: Defund Service-Learning

The federal government has authorized expenditures for service-learning for thirty years. Defending civics education ultimately requires defunding service-learning.

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State Policy

State governments should play a far stronger role than the federal government in setting civics curricula. Even here, however, civics reformers should be cautious. Radical policymakers can impose action civics on school districts by state legislation—and even well-intentioned civics legislation can have its intent perverted by radical activists in state education departments and local school districts. Civics reformers should consider the local circumstances in each state carefully as they proceed. Policymakers should be informed that civics legislation should be carefully scrutinized, to make sure it does not provide unintentional support for action civics.

Civics reformers therefore should carefully examine our own model bills and issue briefs. They should be scrutinized to ensure they allow no loopholes for action civics.

Strategic Goals

Reform State Social Studies and Civics Standards

Many state education departments set statewide K-12 social studies and civics standards. These standards frequently steer these classes toward radical interpretations of American history and government and toward action civics. State legislators should establish procedures by which to reform statewide K-12 social studies and civics standards and ensure that they provide a framework of proper civics instruction.

Keep Action Civics Out of Advanced Placement Classes

The College Board’s AP United States Government and Politics Advanced Placement Examination now asks students to complete a Project Requirement of action civics. States should pass legislation that ensures that no high school class may teach an Advanced Placement class that requires service-learning, civic engagement, action civics, or any cognate activity; that no state money may fund taking advanced placement tests that require action civics; and that no public university may give credit to courses that include service-learning, civic engagement, action civics, or any cognate activity.

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Local Policy

Local Education Authorities

Civics education reformers should ensure that local education authorities exercise proper oversight on the content of civics education.

Textbook Adoption Committees

Civics education reformers should dedicate themselves to work on textbook adoption committees, especially those on American History and American Government.

Civics Curricula

Civics education reformers should exercise rigorous oversight on civics and history classes, to ensure they include no action civics or radical propaganda.

State Mandates

Civics education reformers should carefully examine the language of state mandates and ensure that each school district’s civics and history classes preserve the best possible education.

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Civics Bill Tracker

The Civics Bill Tracker includes a Database and a Summary Analysis of every proposed American civics education bill, both on the federal and state level.

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