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Teaching History for Liberty

Apr 04, 2018 by David Randall |

The text of a recent speech given at Case Western Reserve University by NAS's Director of Research.

Countering Confucius Institutes: A Toolkit for Concerned Citizens

Apr 04, 2018 by Rachelle Peterson |

Introducing the first NAS Confucius Institutes toolkit that provides resources and ideas to address these Chinese government-funded centers.

Join NAS in Washington, D.C. on April 17 for the Launch of Our Newest Report

Apr 03, 2018 by NAS |

Join us in Washington, D.C. on April 17, 2018 as we release our newest report, The Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science. 

April Events and Speaking Engagements

Mar 29, 2018 by NAS |

Find out where NAS staff will be speaking and about upcoming events hosted by NAS in April.

Honoring Academic Courage: An Evening with Amy Wax

Mar 28, 2018 by NAS |

Join NAS on Thursday, April 12, 2018 when we honor Professor Amy Wax for her academic courage. 

Cambridge, 1968

Mar 28, 2018 by Jeffrey Zorn |

The New Left's "struggle for peace and justice" were not necessarily served well by its practices and tactics.

The Cure That Ailed us

Mar 28, 2018 by William Shapiro |

Students romanticized the activism and passions of the1968 era, resulting in disillusionment.

Fiftieth Anniversary of 1968

Mar 28, 2018 by NAS |

The Spring 2018 issue of Academic Questions at a glance.

U.S. Schools are Falling for China’s Propaganda Campaign

Mar 26, 2018 by Rachelle Peterson |

American universities will need to choose between money and truth when it comes to Confucius Institutes.

NAS Statement on Foreign Influence Transparency Act

Mar 22, 2018 NAS |

The Foreign Influence Transparency Act is a step toward addressing Confucius Institutes.

NAS Statement on Free Speech Resolution at Lewis & Clark Law School

Mar 22, 2018 by NAS |

After invited speaker Christina Hoff Sommers was shouted down, some faculty at Lewis & Clark Law School want to protect intellectual freedom.

Recap of NAS Conference: “What is Western Civilization?”

Mar 20, 2018 by NAS |

An overview of the first NAS conference of 2018 held in lovely Phoenix, AZ; includes pictures!

Why a Penn Professor Was Vilified for Telling the Truth About Race

Mar 20, 2018 by Peter Wood |

These days, saying uncomfortable truths aloud can get you banned from teaching First Year law students.

From Suffrage to Suppression: Women Now Lead in Anti-Speech Sentiment

Mar 16, 2018 by Keli Carender |

Free speech advocates must figure out why women support restrictions on free speech at a higher rate than men.

Another Incoherent Protest This Time by Law Students

Mar 12, 2018 by Peter Wood |

At Minding the Campus, NAS President Peter Wood writes about the lack of consequences that protesters face after disrupting campus speakers.

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