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A Big Hole in the Economics Curriculum

Sep 01, 2010 by George Leef |

In this week's Pope Center Clarion Call, Professor Bruce Caldwell of Duke University discusses what he sees as a big hole in the graduate economics curriculum and one that's developing in the undergraduate curriculum --…

Texas Hold `Em

Sep 01, 2010 by David Clemens |

Over at Pajamasmedia, “Zombie” is in the midst of a five part analysis of the Texas textbook battle.  In The Language Police (2004), Diane Ravitch argued that to avoid offending any conceivable…

Will You Promote Diversity? Virginia Tech Tests Faculty Candidates Commitment

Sep 01, 2010 by Ashley Thorne, Peter Wood |

A major public university has fashioned a “diversity” litmus test for faculty hiring.

Mizzou Multicultural Fail!

Aug 31, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

In its eagerness to welcome students - that is, global citizens - to campus last week, the University of Missouri misspelled "Welcome" in Farsi and Arabic on a sign bordered by various national flags that included…

FIRE Educates for Free Speech on Campus

Aug 31, 2010 by Glenn Ricketts |

FIRE will offer a Free Speech Seminar in NYC on September 14.

State of the Campus at UNC-Greensboro: Politically Correct Pandering

Aug 30, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

Today NAS received a copy of this speech by UNC-Greensboro Chancellor Linda P. Brady.  The speech was given on August 18, 2010 as a "State of the Campus" address. Brady bows to politically correct idols in a fashion typical…

Strippers with College Degrees

Aug 30, 2010 by George Leef |

If this is accurate, about 25 percent have college degrees. I'm not aware of any college courses that teach this particular field of endeavor, but that will probably happen in time.

Fall Academic Questions Articles Available Online

Aug 30, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

NAS has posted three articles from the forthcoming fall issue of Academic Questions at They are:

  • How Scholarships Morphed into Financial Aid by Jackson Toby Scholarships should be based on merit,…

How Scholarships Morphed into Financial Aid

Aug 30, 2010 by Jackson Toby |

This excerpt from Jackson Toby's latest book, The Lowering of Higher Education in America: Why Financial Aid Should Be Based on Student Performance, appeared in the fall issue of Academic Questions (vol. 23, no.…

University Speaker Series: Arab Feminism, Black Feminism, and “A Southern Queer…

Aug 30, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

A program on gender and diversity at the University of Richmond will explore "emancipatory ideas of social justice" this fall.

A Commencement Address Worth Hearing

Aug 27, 2010 by Glenn Ricketts |

If you're like me, you probably find the run of commencement addresses tedious, politically tendentious and aesthetically bereft. Well, I've finally found one that's worth listening to. It was given last spring at Harvard,…

Readers Answer “Why Did You Choose Your College?”

Aug 27, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

Last week we started a new "Question of the Week" series. Our first question was Why did you choose the college you attended/attend? Readers answered via email, Twitter, and website comments: John D. Beatty: I chose American Military…

Common Reading Controversy at Brooklyn College

Aug 27, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

Is Brooklyn College using freshman reading for ideological goals?

Question of the Week: How Many Colleges Should You Apply To?

Aug 27, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

To answer, leave a comment on this article, email us, or respond via Facebook or Twitter (no more than 140 characters).

Collegiate Press Roundup 8-26-10

Aug 26, 2010 by Glenn Ricketts |

Student journalists have a look at the Ground Zero mosque controversy, reducing your carbon footprint and the pitfalls of "sexting."

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