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Books With Spines: Bad Teachers

Apr 19, 2016 by NAS |

NAS inaugurates its Books With Spines series. Join us in selecting good books about bad teachers!

Mizzou Wipes Out Respect and Excellence

Apr 18, 2016 by Peter Wood |

Enrollments at the University of Missouri are plummeting.

Safe Spaces or Free Speech? Intellectual Freedom and the Modern Campus

Apr 15, 2016 by Peter Wood |

NAS President Peter Wood discusses the tension between safe spaces and free speech, clarifying the importance of intellectual freedom. 

Wood Speaks on Chicago’s Morning Answer Radio Show

Apr 15, 2016 by NAS |

Peter Wood spoke about campus protesters on Chicago's Morning Answer radio show.

Christina Hoff Sommers to Debate on Pay Gap

Apr 08, 2016 by NAS |

Sommers will participate in a debate with two Stanford professors on Equal Pay Day. 

The Great California Accreditation War

Apr 08, 2016 by NAS |

NAS Director of Communications David Randall writes about the accreditation struggle in California.

Stanford Students: Offering Western Civilization Classes Destroys Diversity

Apr 08, 2016 by Rachelle Peterson |

A pro-Western civilization petition at Stanford was met with stiff resistance.

Peter Wood: “The Common Core Is Dead”

Apr 07, 2016 by Peter Wood |

Do Common Core State Standards make sense to you? How do they affect you and your children? NAS President Peter Wood gets to the core of the matter. 

Title IX Tramples Free Speech and Fairness, So Now What?

Apr 05, 2016 by Peter Wood |

NAS president Peter Wood comments on the AAUP statement: The History, Uses, and Abuses of Title IX.

Ashley Thorne Defends the Need to Challenge Students

Apr 04, 2016 by NAS |

Thorne responds to a critique of her essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Peter Wood to Speak on Common Core State Standards at The Heartland Institute

Apr 01, 2016 by NAS |

Wood's book, Drilling Through the Core, examines how Common Core State Standards have affected curriculums and whether they are even legal.

School Choice: Fig Leaf of the Pro-Common Core Right

Apr 01, 2016 by Sandra Stotsky |

Charters, choice, and decentralization cannot solve the problem.

The Character of Student Activism

Apr 01, 2016 by Zachary R. Wood |

Student activists would do well to consider the weaknesses that have hindered their moral crusade for social justice.

On the Alleged Exploitation of Adjuncts

Mar 30, 2016 by George Leef |

Are adjunct professors treated unjustly?

The Drive to Put Western Civ Back in the College Curriculum

Mar 30, 2016 by Ashley Thorne |

Ashley Thorne writes for the New York Post about some Stanford students' push for a Western civilization course.

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