If you are interested in spearheading one or more aspects of higher education reform that are especially important to you, we can help you get started. We also encourage you to speak out by getting in touch with members of the press covering higher education.

Opportunities for Leadership

If you are interested in taking on a big issue or two and are willing to devote the time needed to do so, the NAS can help you get started. Our Issues & Ideals set out a number of aspects of higher education reform; perhaps one or two of them are especially important to you.

We know there are many more scholars and others who approve the spirit of our work than there are people who publicly endorse our positions. Often they are just waiting for someone to take the lead. Could you be that someone?

If you would like to spearhead a particular issue, contact NAS via our contact form or email lead@nas.org.


Talk to Local Media

Sometimes all it takes to catalyze an important issue is to talk about it. Media coverage can often be very helpful and NAS initiatives tend to make good copy. We value our contacts in the print, broadcast, and online media, and urge our members to reach out to the journalists who cover higher education. This includes student journalists, who are often more willing to ask—and demand answers to—tough, important questions than their older counterparts.

We encourage you to go on talk radio, call up reporters, and make yourself known as someone who has serious things to say and a knack with words. If you need help getting started, let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you.