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Radio: Sustainability in Higher Education

Dec 09, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

NAS speaks out about the ideological character of the sustainability movement.

The American Academy for Liberal Education and Leviathan

Dec 09, 2010 by Steve Balch |

How the federal government threatens the future of the sole voice representing traditional liberal education among accrediting agencies.

Graduation Rate Fuzzy Math

Dec 08, 2010 by Jason Fertig |

What do graduation rates really tell us?

“Educating for Wholeness, Social Justice and Liberation”...No Comment

Dec 08, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

A CSU-Chico faculty book club will read a book by an Iowa State professor who advances a pedagogy "that encompasses wholeness, multiculturalism, and contemplative practice, [...] and helps students to become social change agents.

Sustainability News: December 2010

Dec 08, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

“If the early 21st century could be said to have a secular religion, it would be the mantra of sustainability,” writes Warren Meyer on In this religion, American colleges and universities are fanatics.

When to Use the Word “Racist”

Dec 07, 2010 by |

Peter Wood reviews the affirmative action bake sale controversy at Wesleyan University and calls for a more circumspect use of the label "racist."

Anthropology Association Rejecting Science?

Dec 06, 2010 by Peter Wood |

A look at the implications of the American Anthropological Association's proposal to define "science" out of anthropology.

Ask a Scholar: Interest Rates on Government Debt

Dec 06, 2010 by King Banaian |

Why the low interest rates on government debt?

NAS Supports Freedom of Speech and Conscience in Keeton v. Anderson-Wiley

Dec 02, 2010 by |

NAS filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case Keeton v. Anderson-Wiley, in favor of counseling student Jennifer Keeton, who was expelled from Augusta State University for expressing her religious views on homosexuality.

Wired to Read

Dec 01, 2010 by Peter Wood |

Does literacy bring trade-offs?

LSU Covers Up for Astronomer Who Bullied Class: NAS Replies

Dec 01, 2010 by Ashley Thorne |

Corresponding with NAS, Provost John Maxwell Hamilton adopts the same false assertions made by the media to try to cover up for a professor who used his class to ridicule students based on their beliefs.

Fall 2010 Highlights from NAS

Dec 01, 2010 by |

It’s December! In case you missed us this fall, here are the 20 top articles from NAS in September, October, and November.

After Recount, Minnesota House Victory for NAS Member King Banaian

Nov 30, 2010 by |

Economist and former Minnesota Association of Scholars board member is elected in a close race in St. Cloud.


Nov 30, 2010 by Peter Wood |

A new book by a senior professor, surprisingly, attempts to treat Sarah Palin fairly.


Nov 29, 2010 by Peter Wood |

Peter Wood responds to critics who characterize the National Association of Scholars as ultraconservative.

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