NAS holds national conferences where those concerned about higher education convene to discuss issues of the moment, recognize individual achievements, and propose reforms.

UPCOMING: January 11-12, 2019, Orange, CA
Disgrace: Shame, Punishment, and Redemption in American Higher Education
Chapman University
Keynote: Heather Mac Donald

February 9–10, 2018, Phoenix, AZ
What Is Western Civilization?
Veritas Preparatory Academy
Keynote: Victoria C. G. Coates
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January 21, 2017,  Oklahoma City, OK
Securing Liberty: Rebuilding American Education in an Era of Illiberal Learning
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs
Keynote: Paul Rahe and Wilfred McClay
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February 6, 2014, Brunswick
Global Illusions: Bowdoin's Post-Citizens and the Future of American Higher Education
Featured Speakers: KC Johnson, John Fonte, Peter Wood, Herbert London, Michael Poliakoff, Susan Shell
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March 1-2, 2013, New York
A Mighty Maze: Charting the Future of American Higher Education
Keynote Speaker: Tom Wolfe
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JANUARY 9-11, 2009, Washington
The Changing Landscape of Higher Education
Keynote Speaker: Victor Davis Hanson

November 17-19, 2006, Cambridge
What Works in Higher Education Reform: A Report from the Front
Keynote Speaker: Hank Brown

May 21-23, 2004, New York
What Our Universities and Schools Owe Each Other
Keynote Speaker: Diane Ravitch

May 31-June 2, 2002, Washington
Higher Education and Democracy in Peace and War
Keynote Speaker: Bruce Cole

JANUARY 12-14, 2001, New York
Taking Measure: Higher Education at the Turn of the Century
Keynote Speaker: Herman Badillo

April 1999, Chicago
Our Universities and Our Culture
Keynote Speaker: John R. Searle

December 1997, New Orleans
Multiculturalism and the Future of Higher Education
Keynote Speaker: Shelby Steele

May 1996, Washington
The New Higher Education Reform Movement: Its Shape, Direction, and Future
Featured Speakers: William Bennett and Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan

November 1994, Cambridge
Truth and Objectivity in the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities

Earlier NAS conferences were held in New York City, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.