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Fix Values, Not Statues, Says National Association of Scholars

Jan 27, 2016 NAS |

PRESS RELEASE: The NAS releases an 11,000-word statement on the purposes of higher education.

When Colleges Divest, Who Wins?

Nov 10, 2015 NAS |

PRESS RELEASE: NAS releases the first substantial study of the campus-based movement to divest from fossil fuels. 

Scholars Stand Against Common Core in New Book

Sep 28, 2015 NAS |

Drilling Through the Core, a book edited by NAS president Peter Wood, is released today.

NAS Endorses Safe Campus Act

Aug 18, 2015 NAS |

NAS supports an amendment to the Higher Education Act of 1965. 

Connecticut College Must Defend, Not Denounce, Professor Pessin

Jun 24, 2015 NAS |

The NAS condemns the vilification of Professor Andrew Pessin of Connecticut College and calls on President Katherine Bergeron to make clear that diversity of opinion is a prerequisite for the pursuit of knowledge.

Scholars Oppose New APUSH

Jun 03, 2015 NAS |

A group of prominent scholars has organized to challenge revisions to the Advanced Placement U.S. History course.

Report Shows Campus Sustainability Movement Restricts Debate, Harms College Finances

Mar 25, 2015 NAS |

PRESS RELEASE: The NAS releases the first in-depth critical report on the campus sustainability movement. 

Scholars Ask Supreme Court to Revisit Fisher and Rationales for Racial Preferences

Mar 16, 2015 NAS |

The NAS joined a petition to the Supreme Court to re-hear Fisher v. University of Texas, the case that challenges racial preferences in public university admissions.

Lite Lit for College Comers, Study Finds

Oct 21, 2014 NAS |

PRESS RELEASE: The National Association of Scholars (NAS) has released Beach Books 2013-2014, its fourth annual study of common reading programs at American colleges and universities.

Presidential Searches

May 01, 2014 NAS |

PRESS RELEASE: Commitment to "Intellectual Diversity" top choice for new college presidents, says NAS.

Scholars Applaud Supreme Court for Upholding Michigan Racial Preferences Ban

Apr 22, 2014 NAS |

PRESS RELEASE: NAS praises the Court's decision to sustain a measure against racial discrimination in college admissions. 

The National Association of Scholars Calls for True Liberty and Fairness at Bowdoin…

Apr 07, 2014 NAS |

PRESS RELEASE: A year after the release of What Does Bowdoin Teach? the NAS summons liberal arts colleges to give fair treatment to people across the political and religious spectrum. 

Scholars Endorse the Interrobang

Apr 01, 2014 NAS |

The National Association of Scholars has published a report studying an underrepresented punctuation mark.

Conference on Bowdoin College and Global Citizenship in Brunswick, Maine

Feb 03, 2014 NAS |

PRESS RELEASE: The NAS will examine global citizenship and higher education at the conference “Global Illusions: Bowdoin’s Post-Citizens and the Future of American Higher Education” on February 6th.

Boycotting Israel Compromises Dialogue, Scholars Say

Jan 29, 2014 NAS |

PRESS RELEASE: The National Association of Scholars writes that colleges and universities should be above politics.

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