Studies documenting trends in contemporary academia

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Ethics, Enron, and American Higher Education: An NAS/Zogby Poll of College Seniors

Jul 02, 2002 NAS |

An NAS survey of college seniors' views on ethics.

What Do College Graduates Know?

Apr 17, 2002 Melissa Geiger, Michael Block, Robert J. Franciosi |

An NAS survey of Arizona college graduates' knowledge of the liberal arts.

Race and Higher Education

May 01, 2001 Malcolm J. Sherman, Tom Wood |

The case against Justice Powell's "diversity" rationale for racial preferences.

Losing the Big Picture: The Fragmentation of the English Major since 1964

Jul 15, 2000 Gary Crosby Brasor, Stephen H. Balch |

A report on the loss of English survey courses.

The Dissolution of General Education: 1914-1993

Sep 30, 1996 NAS |

A report documenting the disappearance of a common core in higher education.

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