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It’s Official: The NCATE Board has ratified its decision to drop “social…

Oct 25, 2007 by |

The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) is the largest accreditor of schools of education. Several years ago it added to its standards for accreditation a demand that…

The Ad Hoc Committee to Defend the University

Oct 24, 2007 by |

A group calling itself The Ad Hoc Committee to Defend the University is circulating a statement and a petition decrying "the intrusion of partisan politics into universities' hiring and tenure practices." Inside Higher…

U.S. Commission: “Little Evidence” Diversity Improves Student Performance

Oct 22, 2007 by |

The United States Commission on Civil Rights has just issued a major report, The Benefits of Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Elementary and Secondary Education. (Available in PDF here.) The Commission reached a startling conclusion:…

Student Investigates Social Work at Syracuse

Oct 16, 2007 by |

Caroline Mojonnier, a student at Syracuse University, was moved by the NAS report to pursue some investigative journalism. She attended a session of SWK 326, "Persons in Social Contexts," a course in Syracuse University's School…

Collateral Damage in Social Work

Oct 16, 2007 by |

The release of NAS’s report, The Scandal of Social Work Education, has prompted follow-up reporting in the press and some reflection by a former student.

Churchill In, Columbus Still Out: A Half-Loaf from the College Board

Oct 11, 2007 by David Randall |

The College Board makes a superficial response to NAS' critique of their AP European history standards.

College Board Improves European History Course—But Not Enough: Churchill In,…

Oct 11, 2007 by David Randall |

PRESS RELEASE: NAS assesses the College Board's response to our critique of their Advanced Placement European History Examination.

Imaginary Moderates: An Academic Report Boomerangs

Oct 01, 2007 by Steve Balch |

"The Social and Political Views of American Professors," a working paper released recently at a Harvard symposium by Neil Gross and Solon Simmons, is being vigorously spun by its authors as a new, sophisticated take on the intellectual…

A Response to the AAUP’s Report, “Freedom in the Classroom”

Sep 21, 2007 by |

The American Association of University Professors released its Report on 11 September 2007. In that document, the AAUP provides cover for teachers who introduce extraneous, often politically tendentious material into their classes.…

NAS Study Declares Social Work Education to Be a National Academic Scandal

Sep 11, 2007 |

Social work education is a national academic scandal. So concludes a study released today by the National Association of Scholars.

The Scandal of Social Work Education

Sep 11, 2007 Barry Latzer |

A study of politicization in social work education.

Social Work’s Sins Against Conscience

Mar 15, 2007 by Steve Balch |

University social work programs rarely attract outside attention. They subsist deep down in the bowels of their host institutions, generating a decent cash flow but little in the way of intellectual excitement. They do, however,…

Words to Live By: How Diversity Trumps Freedom on Academic Web Sites

Jun 29, 2006 NAS |

University websites tout diversity more than traditional American ideals.

NCATE Drops “Social Justice” as Accreditation Standard NAS Is Pleased

Jun 05, 2006 |

The NAS expressed its pleasure, today, with the announced decision of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) to drop the reference to "social justice" in its professional dispositions standard. The…

The Politicization of the Pennsylvania Public University System

Nov 09, 2005 Stephen H. Balch |

Report on Testimony before a Select Committee of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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