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The Changing Shape of the River: Affirmative Action and Recent Social Science Research

Oct 04, 2004 Russell K. Nieli |

A report on recent social science research casting doubt on affirmative action.

Today’s College Students and Yesteryear’s High School Grads: A Comparison…

Dec 18, 2002 NAS |

An NAS survey of what college seniors know.

Ethics, Enron, and American Higher Education: An NAS/Zogby Poll of College Seniors

Jul 02, 2002 NAS |

An NAS survey of college seniors' views on ethics.

What Do College Graduates Know?

Apr 17, 2002 Melissa Geiger, Michael Block, Robert J. Franciosi |

An NAS survey of Arizona college graduates' knowledge of the liberal arts.

Race and Higher Education

May 01, 2001 Malcolm J. Sherman, Tom Wood |

The case against Justice Powell's "diversity" rationale for racial preferences.

Losing the Big Picture: The Fragmentation of the English Major since 1964

Jul 15, 2000 Gary Crosby Brasor, Stephen H. Balch |

A report on the loss of English survey courses.

The Dissolution of General Education: 1914-1993

Sep 30, 1996 NAS |

A report documenting the disappearance of a common core in higher education.

Sexual Harassment and Academic Freedom

Jan 01, 1993 |

College and university authorities should respond to instances of genuine sexual harassment firmly and immediately. It cannot be tolerated. However, academic freedom and the rights of individuals are violated when institutions adopt…

The Wrong Way to Reduce Campus Tensions

Jan 01, 1991 |

The National Association of Scholars believes that the surest way to achieve educational opportunity for all and maintain a genuine sense of academic community is to evaluate each individual on the basis of personal achievement…

Is the Curriculum Biased?

Nov 08, 1989 |

The banner of "cultural diversity" is being raised by some whose paramount interest actually lies in attacking the West and its institutions.

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