The National Association of Scholars is pleased to offer “Charting Academic Freedom: 103 Years of Debate.” What follows is our chart of fourteen major statements on academic freedom, broken down into 25 categories. The sudden increase in statements on academic freedom clearly is a reflex of new worries and concerns. We believe that our chart will be of value to those who are wrestling with these issues.

The National Association of Scholars is pleased to offer Charting Academic Freedom as a resource for anyone interested in the issue of academic freedom on college campuses in America. Charting compares fourteen published statements on academic freedom in twenty-five categories. We hope it will be helpful not only to scholars interested in how the debate has shifted in the 100+ years following the American Association of University Professors’ foundational 1915 Statement of Principles, but to legislators, jurists, all participants in the current debates, and members of the general public. Even those of us who follow these debates closely can struggle at times to recall the many different reasons that have been put forward for protecting academic freedom—or for limiting those protections. Our chart enables the reader at a glance to see who wrote the statement and why; who endorsed it; what key arguments it presents; and where it is meant to apply.

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