AP European History

An Open Letter to the College Board on AP: World History

Aug 02, 2018 by Peter Wood |

NAS President Peter Wood writes to the College Board to propose reforms to the revised AP: World History exam. 

The Campaign to Reform the College Board, Continued

Jan 10, 2018 by NAS |

Peter Wood and David Randall continue the campaign to reform the AP European History examination.

On Rubrics and Broken Windows

Jan 05, 2018 by Bruce Brasington |

Bruce Brasington discusses the effects of the AP European History examination.

A Famous Victory

Dec 07, 2017 by NAS |

NAS Director of Communications David Randall criticizes the AP European History exam at The Claremont Review of Books.

College Board Improves European History Course—But Not Enough: Churchill In,…

Dec 05, 2017 by NAS |

PRESS RELEASE: NAS assesses the College Board's response to our critique of their Advanced Placement European History Examination.

Churchill In, Columbus Still Out: A Half-Loaf from the College Board

Dec 05, 2017 by David Randall |

The College Board makes a superficial response to NAS' critique of their AP European history standards.

APEH: A Critical New Look at the Revised Advanced Placement European History Exam

Sep 14, 2016 by Linda Frey, Marsha Frey |

Professors Linda and Marsha Frey critique the AP European History Course and Exam Description.

APEH: A Critique by Prof. James Tracy

Jun 27, 2016 by James D. Tracy |

Professor James Tracy critiques the AP European History Course and Exam Description.

The Disappearing Continent: A Critique of the Revised AP European History Examination

Jun 14, 2016 David Randall |

The 2015 AP European History exam warps and guts the history of Europe.

College Board Shreds European History, Study Finds: Faith and Freedom Gone

Jun 14, 2016 NAS |

PRESS RELEASE: NAS releases a critique of the revised Advance Placement European History Examination.