Ideological Bias

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New Tradition-Minded Academic Geographers Subgroup

Mar 24, 2009 by Jim Norwine |

Announcement: proposed new group of academic geographers dedicated to inquiry and "the whole range of human values."

Postmodern Immunity

Mar 23, 2009 by George Seaver |

Deconstruction's toll on liberal education and the American university

Thirteen Is A Start

Mar 09, 2009 by Peter Wood |

The NAS applauds the Chronicle of Higher Education's awakening to the systematic "mistakes" of American colleges and universities.

Never Mind Tocqueville, Let’s List Slurs

Feb 26, 2009 by Bill Rivers |

A participant in the University of Delaware's now infamous indoctrination program recollects some not-so-fond memories.

More on “Bias Isn’t Bias If It’s Ours”

Feb 25, 2009 by |

Continuing discussion prompted by an NAS article on social justice and education.

Mathematical Deceptions

Feb 23, 2009 by Peter Wood |

A University of Illinois-Chicago professor of math education reminisces about his efforts to radicalize eighth-grade math students.

Bias Isn’t Bias If It’s Ours

Feb 18, 2009 by Peter Wood |

For instance, according to Barbara Applebaum, it's appropriate to teach for social justice "under conditions of systemic injustice."

The Academy Ovoids

Feb 18, 2009 by Peter Wood |

We’re accepting nominations for the worst excesses in higher education.

Social Work Ed: Still Scandalous, But State Licensing Boards Not Scandalized

Feb 13, 2009 by Glenn Ricketts |

State licencing boards failed to respond to the imminent concerns NAS has raised about social work school accreditation.

Civilization and the Spirit of Scholarship: On the Continuing Need for the National…

Feb 11, 2009 by Peter Wood |

The second in a multi-part series by Peter Wood surveying the past, present, and future of the NAS.

How the Dorms Are Politicized: The Case of the University of Delaware

Jan 14, 2009 by Adam Kissel |

This paper was presented by Adam Kissel at a panel at the National Association of Scholars general conference in Washington, DC, on January 11, 2009. Kissel is the director of the Individual Rights Defense Program at the Foundation…

Social Work Education’s Good Intentions

Jan 05, 2009 by Michael Sherr |

Remarks from a conservative professor of social work advance the debate: is social work education scandalously biased? We invite further comments.

A Prodigal Field

Dec 30, 2008 by Peter Wood |

NAS visits UMass Amherst one last time for 2008.

Critical Thoughtlessness

Dec 08, 2008 by Peter Wood, Stephen Zelnick |

Stephen Zelnick refutes the cult of "critical thinking" now used as a substitute for a real curriculum.

Recommendations for NASW

Nov 25, 2008 by |

A letter to the key social work organization calls upon its new president to make changes to protect students.

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