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Ecologism: The Campus Cult of Victimhood

Mar 13, 2014 by Stanley Kurtz |

Stanley Kurtz examines how privileged students use the "global warming apocalypse," radical environmentalism, and victimhood to cash in on academia's upside-down market in prestige.

Postmodernism: Does it Have Marxist or Historicist Origins?

Feb 20, 2014 by George Seaver |

Much more than Marxism, Historicism has influenced culture and politics and accounts for many of the ideologies and sentiments that emerge in academia today.

Social Justice and Human Nature

Jan 24, 2013 by William H. Young |

William Young explores contrasting views of human nature and their implications for public policy.

Barry Commoner, Connected

Nov 07, 2012 by Peter Wood |

Peter Wood reflects on the career of a Founding Father of the sustainability movement.

Leftist Nostalgia for Academic Standards

Jun 19, 2012 by Peter Wood |

Peter Wood compares the second thoughts of a famous Marxist literary critic and the UCLA faculty’s rejection of a proposed diversity requirement.

Marxist Justice and Western Civilization

Sep 22, 2011 by William H. Young |

William Young discusses the mainstreaming of Marxist ideas in the K-12 educational curriculum.

Human Nature and Western Civilization

Aug 03, 2011 by William H. Young |

William H. Young begins a new occasional series of articles focused on Western Civilization and current academic issues with a discussion of human nature.

April 13 is Class Action Day

Apr 11, 2011 by Ashley Thorne |

A coalition of faculty unions and organizations, including the California Faculty Association (CFA), the AAUP, the American Federation of Teachers, and the National Education Association, have created a “Campaign for the…

Daniel Bell (1919-2011) - An Appreciation

Feb 15, 2011 by Russell K. Nieli |

Russell Nieli offers an appreciation of Daniel Bell, the sociologist who taught us that the modernist elevation of self-expression as a cultural ideal would erode the personal discipline on which capitalism is based.

Come to the ‘Marxism in America’ Conference in D.C. Tomorrow

Oct 20, 2010 by Mary Grabar |

While Bill Ayers’ colleagues may be fussing about the denial of his emeritus status, America’s Survival will be sponsoring a conference that will include former FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl about a case involving…

‘Socially Judicious’ Art Ed?

Jul 16, 2010 by Candace de Russy |

Watch out for it -- already a fixture in leading schools of art education --before it becomes the norm in K-12 classes throughout the land, thus vastly politicizing the arts by making anti-capitalist, race/gender/class-obsessed…

Columbia’s Surrender to the Left

Jul 06, 2010 by Candace de Russy |

University presidents Nicholas Butler and Dwight Eisenhower staunchly resisted it, but alas, as Mal Kline notes, to no avail.

Earth Day Thoughts on the Campus Sustainability Movement

Apr 22, 2010 by Peter Wood |

Is everything really connected to everything else?

Ask a Scholar: Critical Discourse Analysis

Apr 13, 2010 by Dario Fernandez-Morera |

What does it mean to study literature and culture through Critical Discourse Analysis? Do you have any references of Latin-American authors that develop their work using this approach?

Marxists in Schools of Education Respond to NAS Article

Dec 29, 2009 by Ashley Thorne |

Crosspost from Two weeks ago I published an article about a Marxist journal that has seized authority in the education world. The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies (JCEPS) is…

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