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Law Schools Under Critical Scrutiny

Jan 20, 2012 by Glenn Ricketts |

Ideology has pervaded law schools to the detriment of student preparation for practice.  Are law degrees therefore still necessary?

U Florida Students Practice Civil Debate

Jan 20, 2012 by Ashley Thorne |

There's a set of electronic panels in Florida that is supposed to foster civility among students whose opinions differ.

Will Harvard Stop Trying to Impose Orthodoxies?

Jan 05, 2012 by Harvey Silverglate |

FIRE co-founder Harvey Silverglate applauds the Harvard student newspaper for defending free inquiry at the University, where the faculty is increasingly inclined to enact political orthodoxy.

Why UCLA’s Firing of a Lone Dissenting Voice Should Worry Us

Dec 05, 2011 by Geoffrey C. Kabat |

The treatment of James Enstrom, whose research threatened environmental activists' efforts to enact regulation, illuminates the politicization of science.

Historian Victor Davis Hanson on American Higher Ed

Nov 23, 2011 by George Leef |

Former Cal State Fresno history professor Victor Davis Hanson writes here about the sad history of American higher ed over the last 50 years. He refers to "the Fannie and Freddie university" meaning that higher ed has been politicized,…

Academic Liberal Bias: Not All Bad?

Nov 09, 2011 by Glenn Ricketts |

If you're sure of your traditionalist convictions, you've got to read a lot more carefully and thoroughly, and you'll have them subject to far greater intellectual challenge than your liberal classmates will ever encounter. 

Daphne Patai on the Uniformity of Academic Thought

Oct 20, 2011 by George Leef |

Professor Daphne Patai of UMass-Amherst writes about the uniformity of thought she encounters among her fellow academics, which of course ranges from Marxist to "progressive." 

Global Warming: The Campus Non-Debate

Sep 06, 2011 by Russell K. Nieli |

Russell K. Nieli argues that genuine scientific debate about global warming is being stifled by ideological orthodoxy on most college campuses.

Video: Accuracy in Academia

Aug 09, 2011 by |

Andy Nash interviews Malcolm Kline of Accuracy in Academia.

The Killing (and Queering) of History

Jul 25, 2011 by Jonathan Bean |

Over at The Beacon, I have a post on the latest requirement that Something Else must be taught in K-12 history textbooks. This time it is gay history but the real problem is the politicization of textbook content.…

“The Investigation of Potential Opposition”

Jul 01, 2011 by George Leef |

In one of the best Chronicle Review pieces I have read in a long time, Professor John Swallow argues in favor of a simple (but often forgotten) principle: "A necessary part of making an argument is the investigation of potential…

Video: Robert Weissberg on Affirmative Action in the Academy

Jun 14, 2011 by |

Political scientist Bob Weissberg reflects on campus affirmative action policies.

Programming Scientists to Perform Social Engineering

Jun 13, 2011 by Chuck Rogér |

Chuck Rogér spots red flags in an ASU alumni magazine that represent a movement in higher education to politicize science.

Suppression for Thee, Free Speech for Me

Jun 09, 2011 by Mitchell Langbert |

I sent this letter to the editor of the faculty newspaper of the City University of New York, The Clarion.

CUNY Overlooks Ideological Discrimination

May 20, 2011 by Mitchell Langbert |

The City of University of New York is conducting a survey concerning discrimination with respect to protected classes under the Civil Rights Act and sexual orientation.

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